The Altoids Tin Survival Kit





Introduction: The Altoids Tin Survival Kit

Step 1: The Materials

You will need:

duct tape
2 chicken bullion cubes
sheet of paper
VERY small bar of soap
10' light twine
a cotton ball
4 straight pins
1 needle
small spool of thread
1 razer blade
10 matches do NOT use strike anywheres they might ignite in box!
match striker
5 feet dental floss
match stick
12 small rubber bands
1 produce bag from your local supermarket
2 band-aids
small neosporin pack
1 gauze pad

Step 2: Assembling It

You can put it together any way you want, and if you want to put anything extra in, go ahead!
when your done just wrap the rest of your rubber bands around the tin to keep it closed.
I will put pictures below explaining where and how i got all this and what you use it for.

Step 3: End

I hope you liked my instructable and if you have ANY comments please post them!



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    What do u need the bag for. Those are thin and rip easily

    Very cool kit! Have you thought about switching out an item of lower importance for a knife of some sort? Just in case all you have is this kit [trust me, I've been separated from my everyday carry items several times due to various reasons] and you are in a survival situation.

    I uploaded my personal Altoids Survival Tin onto this site if you'd like to see how I've arranged mine. :)

    I usually carry a knife separately. I rarely carry this kit anywhere anymore. I usually have most of the needed things somewhere else, or in a different form. But, if you do carry a survival kit, it stands to reason that you'll also have a knife with you.

    how do you get the duct tape did you wrap it like on a pencil?

    Probably the match stick. I sometimes do that, but then I usually use a larger tin and put a whole heap in.

    The first thing recommended if you come in contact with Poison Ivy/ Poison Oak, is wash hands and face with soap and water if you even THINK you came close to it. The stuff can fly around in the wind and you can catch it! If you're somewhere you need to carry this tin, then your likely in proximity of one of these. Ounce of prevention... I would hate to be lost a few days somewhere AND with poison ivy! I would sure find some way to fit soap somewhere!

    um id do that then put mud on it

    for getting who knows what off your hands and to clean your hands after dealing with raw animal meat, the last thing you want when you're lost in the wilderness is to get salmonella poisoning.

    I know from previous experience it smells good...