Introduction: The Amazing Cotton Ball Fire Starters

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These fire starters are a collaboration of other Instructables. You can light them with flint+steel,matches,lighter... They're even light-able while sitting on water.

Step 1: Materials

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Get just a couple of cotton balls, a bottle of 91% isopropyl alcohol,a container of Vaseline(petroleum jelly), and an ignition source.

Step 2: Putting It Together

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Open the container of isopropyl alcohol and thoroughly soak one or two cotton balls. Squeeze excess out. Then coat the cotton balls in Vaseline. Place them in a container. I used the bottom of a soda can.
(sorry no pictures)

Step 3: LIGHT!!!

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Light um up!!
These burn about 5-6 minutes.


spumvis (author)2012-04-01

How long can they be stored?

As long as they are in a pretty air tight container and the isopropyl alcohol is covered by the Vaseline, they will last 1-2 years.

jessyratfink (author)2012-03-28

Great pictures! I really need to try one of these starters.

They work great and are good for anything! Thanks for commenting.

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