Step 3: Add Egg Vanilla and Almond Extracts

Add egg vanilla and almond extracts, whisk till the ingredients are fully incorporated and the mix is creamy and smooth
Where is the middle of nowhere anyway? I never plan on going nowhere but thats where I found out I gone, although Im sure, I never gotten to the middle of it.
i'm not sure i followed that :)
That's ok. I don't think I wanted to be followed to nowhere. Although all great adventures start by going nowhere and somehow wind up somewhere.
Used mint Oreo's, worked out great in muffin tins. But i think you may have forgot 1 1/4 c Flour in the ingredients list.
Good spot. I am updating the list now :) and nice twist on the recipe, Yours look awesome
Can't wait to try these!
Ha! I just made these - you beat me to it!
That is a pretty amazing cookie! Very intense, not for the weak of heart :)

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