Picture of The Amazing Rubber Band Slingshot Guide!
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Hey, and welcome to my first instructable, in this instuctable I'll teach you the in's and out's of the amazing Finger Powered Rubber Band Gun! From ammo to targets and everything in between!
But, bear with me as this is my first instructable
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
To have fun with your rubber band, first you need the materials, a regular rubber band you find anywhere works. You also need 1 small square or paper and/or 1 small square of aluminum foil.

Step 2: Making The Ammo

Picture of Making The Ammo
To make the ammo, take your peice of paper or aluminum foil and start folding lengthwise as far as you can, then fold the foil in half to make a V shape, and then your done!

Step 3: The Rubber Bands

Picture of The Rubber Bands
The rubber bands are simple but effective, when you break a rubberband, take 2 clothpins and attatch the rubber bands sides to make a higher powered gun. Any rubber band will do, but one that can fit your hand!

Step 4: Holding The Gun

To hold the rubber band, take your index finger and your thumb and make a very wide V shape with it, then put the rubber band around both of your fingers and your ready to go!

Step 5: Firing

To fire, do step four then hook a type of ammo onto the rubber band, pull back, aim, and FIRE!

Step 6: Modifying

Picture of Modifying
Modifying ammo is easy to do but it can really hurt! The modifiations i do to my ammo is but a paper clip inside the bullet, sticking out of the end and wrapping it in tape, but, bullets can be made out of anything, so expariment and try.

Step 7: Disclaimer

Warning! These things hurt! I am not reponsible for any injury that occurs when playing with this. I am also not responsible for your actions wich result in any fines or trouble.
rasta_bhoy3 years ago
and yes, this is my own personal experience from this "arms race" i did back in grade school
cr@p tier: folded paper ammo
good tier: rolled tightly paper ammo
god tier: triangular rolled paper ammo -- so that the tips have the lightest density with the middle folded one having the most dense parts. most accurate ones too btw

happy hurting! :D
AWESOME98025 years ago
We call 'em wasps in our school, prob bcuz it stings so much. i prefer rolling up the paper then using the table corner to bend it (it gets too thick)
me too
sharlston5 years ago
nice ible its really cool and well written :)
I have a mod idea. you can take a brad fastener and put the elastic between the 2 prongs and it shoots really far.
MegaMaker6 years ago
Can someone please put pictures of the finished product? The directions are not very clear to me.
Frindledon36 years ago
my cousin taught me this when i was like 8 and we call them wedgies. I got hit in the ear and almost started bleeding. it hurt like CRAP!
15zhangfra6 years ago
instead of ur kind of ammo u can 1take the paper, fold it to a triangle and fold it down. stop with a little sticking out. 2fold in half with the most recent folded fold in the inside. 3 pull out the tip. it should then make ur ammo pointy DIE
liny7 years ago
A rolled piece of paper works better than a folded one. It flies better and straighter. A rolled up piece of paper also hurts more.
Dec20056 liny6 years ago
buuut it rips if its too tight
Dec200566 years ago
lol my mum taught me this when I was lyk 8 we still do it at our skool we'r 16. I shot my m8 in the face 3 tyms in a row im lyk the best in my skl I was the first person to do it at my skl then evry1 copied me and there was wars now no1 will face me cuz I kill people with them (not literally) but I give people giant bruises.
jayro7076 years ago
i think this is pretty cool but the paperclip thing... this happened 2 years ago at our school... 2 idiots were flinging paperclips at eachother with rubberbands and one missed .... it flew into someones eye and now, shes blind. so i wont be doing the paperclip thing!
Bran7 years ago
At my school, this would be known as hornets, not to mention against the rules (but who follows rules?). We don't call the pieces of folded-up paper bullets, either, those would be the hornets. But hey, could just be a regional thing. Could I ask, however, what advantages (and disadvantages) the foil "bullet" has over the paper one besides looking awesome?
BurningSandman (author)  Bran7 years ago
The advanteges to me is that they may or may not hurt more (depending on how you make them). Also, foil is easier to mold (molding into a point at the end).
Khaos11 Bran7 years ago
we call them wedges at our school
ray888j Khaos117 years ago
We call them wasps lol i don't know why
BurningSandman (author) 7 years ago
Well, the foil ammo doesn't shoot as far as the paper one but foil hurts a bit more (Also easier to make if your in the lunchroom). I call the ammo "bullets" because I think hornets are paperclip ammo, maybe I'll add that into this instructable.
BurningSandman (author) 7 years ago
Yeah it's a bit obvious, but you can use a pen or stick pointy objects in whatever ammo your using to cause pain, my modded ammo ripped through a sheet of paper!
Kinda obvious but like the idea for the ammo