The Analog Photography Challenge

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The Analog Photography Challenge:
Make anything using analog photography equipment and methods.

This challenge was sponsored by our friends at Lomography.com. We have reviewed all of the entries and picked winners. This challenge had a lot of awesome entries to choose from. Thanks to everyone who entered!


1st Place


Build a Horizontal Sliding Camera Rig (Analog/Digital) by Zaphod Beetlebrox
2nd Place


Caffenol-C: Coffee Film Developer by jakebaldwin
How To Develop Film: Drying Clips by themostwonderfulplaceonearth

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360 degree analog camera hat style
Forget Instagram, bring back that retro look to your pictures by using classic analog film in a fun new way. This camera hat was made using leftover single-use 35mm film cameras and several small serv...
Split Photography with an analog camera style
In this instructable, I'll show you how to (temporary) modify an analogic camera (I used a Diana F+) in order to take some beautiful split photos. A split photo is composed of 2 different photos ...
Photographing Jack o'Lanterns style
If you've ever tried to take a photo of your lit pumpkin with a digital camera, you know that you either get the pumpkin, or the light, but rarely both! When I read the announcement for the Analog Ph...
Glow-in-the-dark Lomography flash style
With this instruct able I want to show how to add some precise glow-in-the-dark details to your objects. In my case I thought to paint the  logo of my lomography flash. The flash itself will charge th...
Long exposure photography style
This instructable is about long exposure photography, or "bulb" photography, on a 35mm film camera. I will be using a canon t70 with 200mm lens. Long exposure photography is an artistic form of photog...
Multi-Color Light Painter (Touch Sensitive) style
Light painting is a photographic technique used to create special effects at slow shutter speeds. A flashlight is usually used to "paint" the images. In this Instructable, I will show you how to build...
How To Create A Camera Obscura style
I have done this in a few different rooms so bare with me as i try to explain... A camera obscura is basically a projection from a round hole. Thats it in its entirety. Light comes through the hole (u...
Pinhole Camera style
Here is my pinhole camera. I kind of cheated using an old broken disposable. Any input is great, fill up the comments I always want to improve!
reuse failed Polaroids style
you can easily reuse old or failed Polaroids by opening the back and inserting a new photo. also on my blog
Build a Horizontal Sliding Camera Rig (Analog/Digital) style
The inspiration for this project came from watching allot of downhill biking videos , and wondering how the amaeture video/photographers got such smooth shots. After some research a tripod mounted sli...
Mama Don't Take My Fotochrome Awayyyy! style
Criminy!  You already have taken my Kodachrome away....now you want my Fotochrome???  Not in my universe Baby! There are a lot of funky cameras in the world, but they don't get much funkier than the ...
The Beginner's Guide to Film Photography style
Film photography has been around for many more years than digital, and thus the quality of film, in some ways is unsurpassed. Shooting film can take photographers back to the roots of photography and ...
Shoebox Camera style
This is a project that I did in Photography Class and not only is it a fun way to teach about the very fundamental mechanics of photography, it creates some fun and interesting photos too. The shoebox...
Caffenol-C: Coffee Film Developer style
To develop a roll of film and make negatives for printing, it is necessary to strip the film's exposed silver halides. Usually, this is done with conventional developing solutions. Since the developer...
Attack of the Killer Strobes style
Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of your camera flash units? Well, you should! Because it could be killing your camera! If you like to mix old and new technologies, you may want to put that 1...
How To Develop Film: Drying Clips style
Recently I have been developing B/W film. It was thirteen dollars to order these clips online. So I decided to make my own. These are to prevent the negatives from curling and having water marks, they...
Bulb-i-fy Your Nishika N9000 style
Are you dissatisfied with the limitations of your Nishika N9000 camera?   If you answered yes, you are probably a bigger fanboy or fangirl than I!   I did a few mods on the predecessor to the N9000,...
Add a Step-Up ring (for filters) to your Holga! style
This instructable will show you how to add a step-up ring to your Holga so that you may attach filters to it easily. Yes... you can buy the Holga series of filters if you like, and if you don't alread...
Slide Frame Magnet style
Make a magnet using an old glass slide frame and a photo.  If you go to a real camera store that has been in business for a while, they will have these glass slide mounts that were used to mount slide...