The Ancient Art of Dorodango





Introduction: The Ancient Art of Dorodango

About: hello fellow intructablers As you can tell for my first few months of instructabling I did not have a camera. I do have one now and no I will not be updating my old instructables. Some recommended authors ...

Last night i was watching the mythbusters Idiom Special and Adam and Jamie were trying to polish Poop and they eventually used the art of dorodango (rolling mud and water to make a polished sphere) but they used it poop to make it

Step 1: First

first you need to mix dirt and water in a bowl to make mud

Step 2: Second

now mold the mud into a ball

Step 3: Third

now loosely wrap your ball in plastic wrap and put it in the fridge for 25 minutes

Step 4: Fourth

you may have to change the amounts of water to get a better dorodango
and remember its quite delicate



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    I think he did take the pictures

    Yep, and thats why all the images look different.

    Do you really think that he took the pictures?
    He even said "hello fellow intructablers
    As you can tell for my first few months of instructabling I did not have a camera" This is one of them


    Will the ball of rolled mud you made in step 2 come out of the fridge looking like that cueball-eqsue thing in step 4?

    2 replies

    This person got images from google, they probably didnt even do it, that might be pigment in the dirt though

    No, It will take quite some work. They did it in Mythbusters when trying to "polish a poop". Wou'll have to use your and and roll it until it's as smooth as the last picture. Good luck :)

    i tried using coffee grounds
    it works, but not that shiny though

    White is achieved by using volcanic ash more about dorodango you can find here

    you're welcome!

    i don't have my own camera so i use google images

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