Yes, it's that time again where our tiny feathered friends journey perhaps 1000's of miles, crossing the wide Caribbean thence north even as far as Canada, to frolic in our gardens!  Hummingbirds .. delightful lil critters who feast not only on nectar (which can't supply the protein they need to replenish) but on insects.
Unless, of course, the 'insects' in question consist of piles of dead or living ants whose bodies or corpses clog the passageways of our feeder!

So i was forced to design and construct and to elucidate upon a device that prevents such a situation: the "Anti-Ant" Ant-Blocker!

Shall we begin???
<Responding to the 'whooopwhooop HURRAY's in the crowd, i yield!>

Step 1: What You'll Need

wire-tie (strong, maybe 1/4" wide; I used 'Removable' wire-tie cuz i had a few)
flat-blade screwdriver (width of blade about same as width of wire-tie)
Block of wood (or other support upon which to place the empty tuna-fish can)
empty tin-can .. (catfood? tunafish? truffles? Aluminum best, won't rust)
Sugru (or any other moldable material that is water-proof and sticks to metal)
Hummingbird Feeder, of course.
(Not shown: a Hummingbird smiling at his/her ant-free feeder)
Useful items:
   Glass of wine (i suggest a fine red .. perhaps Merlot. whose color blends
   well with the coloration of the Ruby-Throated Hummingbird
   And of course, a good aged cheddar and crackers.

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Bio: I'm just a cranky old bastard who's had his hand in too many things already..
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