Hello everybody, i quit a while but im back with a brand new gun!
Its a very, very good gun.

Pros :

Very comfy
For grip
Nice red dot
Nice handle
Good stock
Removable mag


Pics were from my Ipo

Alot of pieces

Here you go ( Its just a review )
Pretty cool! 4*
That's a cool gun. 5*s. Will you post?
Thanks!, i dont know , sorry
It's okay if you don't, I just thought this looked like a cool gun.
looks nice!
Thanks, it shoots about 70-80 feet<br>
nice! =D
But what can be improved cause ya give it 4 stars
the grip maybe =D
Ok thanks, but i think its really comfy :P<br>
Atleast its better than my other guns right?
true! =D

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