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A pumpkin so great that even Cave Johnson would be envious ... Behold! The Aperture Science Automated Pumpkin Turret!

In this instructable I will show you how to make this awesome Turret for under 15 bucks!

Check out the action shots below

If you liked this Check out the Wheatley Pumpkin Instructable!(link coming soon)

Step 1: Materials & Tools


A pumpkin of course! I used a white pumpkin for obvious reasons, which can be found at those specialty pumpkin stands that spring up around this time of year, but there's no reason why you can't go with traditional orange. Also I had to use two Pumpkins for this project one large on for the turret body and a smaller one for extra parts(knee caps and gun barrel holder).

8 feet of 3/4 or 1/2 inch PVC pipe - I picked up a 10 foot long piece from Home Depot for less than $2. you will only need 8 feet(the other two feet were used for the Wheatley pumpkin)

3 x "L" shaped PVC connectors (see pictures for reference)

1 x three way PVC connector (see pictures for reference)

1x four-way PVC connector (see pictures for reference)

1 x PVC cap (see pictures for reference)

Ink-jet transparencies

Epoxy glue

Black spray paint

LED tap light


Heat Gun

Saw or dremel

Pumpkin carving tools

Quite a creative project. To be honest, I didn't understand it until I got to the related links and Googled a bit. But having done that, I can appreciate the creative and artistic effort more. Perhaps if you included a bit of back story in the beginning, it would be helpful.
Some people are so much more artistic and creative than I am. You're making me look bad dude. lol =) I love these pumpkins!
this is just too awesome... I might give the wheatley pumpkin a shot :D
Nice job!
This is awesome but I'm more interested in your Pumpkin Wheatley! Please post an Instructable on him!
:O<br>It's like pure awesome condensed into a pumpkin!<br><br>You, sir, deserve the Nobel Prize in Pumpkin Carving!...... That and some cake*<br><br>I really hope you win!!<br><br>*ha ha, portal cake
The cake is a lie.
awesome, nice work!
i feel like im always saying this. why didnt i think of that, and your a genious, and why didnt i think of using pvc for that?
I'm sure you can make some money by making and selling the PVC parts on Etsy... ;)

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