The Apple Cider Martini and Martini Glass

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The ingredients and instructions detailed will demonstrate how to make a martini glass out of a single apple and a cinnamon stick, as well as spiced/spiked apple cider.

If you do not want a martini glass, just omit the cinnamon stick and base part.

* I personally hate things that are sticky, so to my surprise, this project was not sticky. Hardened sugar does not stick.

Step 1: Ingredients/Supplies

Picture of Ingredients/Supplies
6 red apples (red delicious)
1 Large Granny Smith Apple
5-6 Cinnamon Sticks
1 Teaspoon of Allspice
1 Teaspoon of Pumpkin Spice
1 Teaspoon of Cayenne Pepper
5 Cloves

A Pot
Wooden Spoon

mpartin3 years ago
Thanks tons for the apple idea! I live outside a nursing home, and I think this would be a huge hit with my friends at New Years and even Christmas or Thanksgiving! Would have to make it plain cider, but it will be a hit none-the-less! Thanks again!

Mistie Ann
Biggsy4 years ago
I love this, welldone
CrayfishYAY4 years ago
How much is 5 cloves. I only have ground cloves & I couldn't find any at Wal-Mart.
raja6814 years ago
i am going to make this for my pumpkin carving i always carve something other than pumpkins
It looks like something kids would absolutely adore on New Year's Eve - and the parents too especially if the kids get served the boozy version and clonk out early in the evening.  Kidding!!!  The cider looks delicious, and the apple goblet/martini glass is quite novel.

What exactly is the sticky factor on this?  I get all freaky-outtie when it comes to sticky stuff on my skin.
Romado12187 (author)  AngryRedhead5 years ago
good question. Imagine a lollipop before it's licked... it's dry, so as long as no cider is spilled, nothing is sticky! That sounds really perverted... haha no hidden meaning here people.
You're convincing me even further that kids would adore this...  in a bathroom with shower caps on and away from linens and clothes and people.  :-P

And adults would like to just drink it.  ;-)

Instant party favorite for all ages!
so... Why aren't the children wearing clothes? O_o   im confused 
bettbee5 years ago
I adore the martini glass with the cinnamon stick stem.

However I may simplify this considerably by just cutting a flat bottom for the apples and leaving the stems and feet off. I think it depends on how big/coordinated your crowd is and how good you are at gluing fruit and cinnamon sticks together with caramel.
bettbee bettbee5 years ago
LOL - forgot one condition - or how drunk they all get :-D

The more I think about it, the more convinced I am that it'd be a good idea to save the stem and foot for a very small and lightly drinking crowd!!
Way Way Way cool!!!! I'm going to try it today!  Thanks so much for sharing your idea!
Romado12187 (author)  porcupinemamma5 years ago
nice! Be careful when you coat the apple, I burnt my thumb, haha... maybe you should wear gloves.