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Apron was made of leather and tarpaulin

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A friend of mine knowing me working with leather asked me to make an apron for her husband, who woodcarves. So I had seen through many models of aprons in the net and decided that I will do an apron from leather and tarpaulin or water-proof duck. And here what I did. And how it finally fitted the owner. )))


DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2016-01-12

Great looking apron. Could you share any more about how it was made?

Hi, unfortunately I didn't do pictures during the process itself. But I took standart pattern for this apron and added some leather elements. As it was a present I didn't have the exact measurements of my friend's husband and we focused on approximate measures done by his t-shirt. :)

I thoght that it would be convenient that apron will have clasps or fasteners instead of standart straps both on the neck and around the waist. And did them of two rough sizes. That's it.

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