Picture of The Aquaharp

If that video was not enough for you, watch this one. It is slightly less dramatic, but it does convey a bit more information about the actual function of the Aquaharp and the sound it produces.

The Aquaharp is based on the Waterphone, invented by Richard Waters.

Step 1: Materials / Tools


  • A Round Cake Pan - Just a metal cake pan
  • Some Thin Metal Rods - Old metal clothes hangers work perfectly
  • Sheet Metal It just has to be big enough to fit the cake pan on
  • A Metal Pipe - At least 1.5 inches in diameter
  • Rope - The more comfortable for your hands the better
  • Heavy Solder or Welding Supplies - Just something to melt metal
  • Waterproof Epoxy - Used to make the Aquaharp water-tight
  • Water - H2O
  • A Horse Hair Bow - Normally used to play violins, cellos and other similar instruments
  • Rosin - To put on the bow


  • A Drill and Drill Bits - Used to put holes in things
  • Sheet Metal Sheers - For cutting the sheet metal
  • Bolt Cutters - Used to cut the metal rods
  • A Metal File - Just for smoothing some of the metal pieces
  • Optional: Rotary Tool - It just makes some steps faster and easier
  • A Vice - Useful for holding stuff
  • A Tape Measure - For measuring the lengths of things
  • Leather Gloves - For safety while you cut the sheet metal
  • A Hot Glue Gun - It melts glue then shoots it out
  • A Soldering Iron or Gun - If you are using solder and not welding
  • Optional: Metal Polish - To make your Aquaharp look pretty
Mooch0710 months ago

Neat! I am hoping to make a couple odd instruments for a winter percussion show this year. Thanks for the instructable!

hzxasdf1 year ago

I hope you will send me the video...I hope you make 'Aqua Harp' video to me. E-mail:hzxasdf@live.com 我希望你做'水上竖琴“的视频给我。电子邮件:hzxasdf@live.com

hzxasdf1 year ago

我这里看不到视频有,只能看到文字,希望你将数据补充完整。I'm here to see the video there, only to see the text, I hope you will be a full complement of data。

How long r the rods supposed to be for this thing?
Notharir4 years ago
Thing looks like you'd die if you tripped holding it... o.o but it's AWESOME. :D
richiendn5 years ago
It can be heard at the beginning of Aerosmith, "janie got a gun". Used a lot on "Alien Nation" Sci-fi Series.
awesome! when played with a bow it sounds like music from a scary movie.
Goodhart6 years ago
I am curious as to why it is called an aquaharp ? was it supposed to originally be played underwater?
It has water in the base when played.
Oy, I was up TOO early this morning.... I had better take a nap before it is time to go to work no need falling asleep on the job >.<
BTW: thank you.
You're welcome.
thingy6 years ago
Carl Orff = instant internet gold!!!
I've thought about trying to make something like this before I just didn't know where to start exactly. The noises that this thing makes are so ethereal. Richard Waters charges an arm and a leg for his waterphone. Its good to see that someone isn't afraid to let him know that you can't just "own" natural physics. I want to make this.
Renagade6 years ago
hmmm very intresting, the sound with the bow was kewl! btw what music did you use for the (epic) video?
The music is Carmina Burana - Composed by Carl Orff.
mikeasaurus6 years ago
spooky! great build!
dethshil6 years ago
Has a cool sound...I like it..makes me think of the Planet of the Apes.