Step 11: Install the RFID Reader

In this step, we will install the RFID reader on the upper platform.  For this step, the following parts and tools are required:
  • Serial RFID card reader (Parallax part number 28140)
  • Four #6-32 x 1/2" Round head machine Screws
  • Eight #6-32 Nuts
  • Four 12" Male-Female Jumper wires (Sparkfun part PRT-09385).  You'll need a red, black, yellow, and green.
  • Screwdriver
  • Small pliers
Follow these steps:
  1. Place each of the machine screws in the holes on the top of the upper platform and secure with nuts as shown in the second photo. Use the screwdriver and pliers to ensure the screws and nuts are tight but do not over-tighten.
  2. Place the RFID card reader onto the screws as shown in the third photo.  Make sure to place it so the components on the card are facing down: that way you will be able to see the the "enable" LED on the reader change from red to green and back as the gizmo is working.
  3. Secure the RFID card reader with the remaining four nuts as shown in the fourth photo.  Use the pliers to tighten the nut but don't over-tighten.  The RFID card reader and upper platform will look like the fifth and sixth photos.
  4. Slide the female ends of the jumpers onto the pins on the RFID card reader.  It is very important to follow the color coding - if you don't, at best the reader won't work, at worst you will damage or destroy it.  See the last photo.
  • Red - VCC (positive)
  • Yellow - Enable
  • Green - SOUT (serial output)
  • Black - GND (ground)