Step 13: Attach LED wires to Arduino and ground terminal strip

Picture of Attach LED wires to Arduino and ground terminal strip
13 - 2 - Wire LEDs.JPG
13 - 3 - Wire LEDs.JPG
13 - 4 - Wire LEDs.JPG
13 - 5 - Upper Platform LED Wiring Diagram.png
It's time to start connecting the wires to all the right places.  In this step, the wires for the LEDs on the upper platform will be connected to the ground terminal strip and the Arduino.  You'll need a very small screwdriver for this step - the head of the screwdriver needs to be able to turn the small screws on the Screw Shield.
  1. Place the lower platform and the enclosure on your workbench as shown in the first photo.  This will allow you connect all the wires and at a later step easy lift the lower platform, flip it and lower it on to the case machine screws.
  2. Now turn the case on its side as shown in the second photo.
  3. Attach all the black wires from the LEDs to the terminal block as shown in the fourth photo.  It doesn't matter which screw you attach them to but it'll be easier if you attach no more than two per screw.
  4. Now attach the blue wires from the LEDs to Arduino pins 6 to 13 by inserting them into the Screw Shield and tightening the screws. The order is important or the LEDs will not light in sequence.  You should attach them as shown in the diagram.  It doesn't really matter which one LED you start with for pin 6: what matters is that they are attached in a consecutive sequence (6, 7, 8, ...) not some random order.