Step 17: Close and seal the case

Picture of Close and seal the case
17 - 2 - Seal Case.JPG
17 - 3 - Seal Case.JPG
17 - 4 - Seal Case.JPG
17 - 5 - Secure Cables.JPG
17 - 6 - Secure Cables.JPG
This is the last assembly step for the hardware. You'll need a screwdriver, needle nose pliers, and two four inch plastic wire ties for this step.
  1. Place the bottom piece of the case on the top piece.  Make sure that the two USB cables are positioned in the cutout on the back of case (see second photo.)  Be careful not snag any wires in the process. Don't pull on the USB cable for the color changing LED circuit - it's soldered but you could easily damage it and then you'd have to take it apart to repair it. 
  2. Attach the bottom and top of the case together using the screws you saved from the first step.  The sealed case should look like the first four photos.
  3. Now attach the wire ties to the cables and the case as shown in the last two photos.  To get the wire ties in and out of the case, I slipped one end of the tie into the case and used a small needle nose plier to grab the end and pull it out.  These wire ties will prevent damage to the gizmo from pulling on the cables.
Voila!  The hardware for the Arduino Internet Gizmo is now complete!  Now on to the RFID tags and the software!