In this Instructable, I make a laser-cut double decker platform for the Arduino and related items (like a breadboard, or battery-pack, or other items), which I call "The Arduino Platform" (yes, pun intended! :-))  I made this at Techshop!

Materials required:

I used plywood underlayment  (from Lowes) for the boards - you can use acrylic if you like, or any other laser-safe material. 
4 pieces - 1 inch #4-40 aluminium hex standoff
12 pieces - #4-40 3/8 machine screws.
4 pieces - nylon washers.

Here is my design for the platform - I designed it on Adobe Illustrator, but a suitable free alternative is Inkscape, which I really like too. 

Step 1: Laser cut the parts

In this step, I used the Epilog 60 watt laser cutter at Techshop , and my Illustrator file to print the parts.

Easy, peasy, japanesy! Well ... almost! (see my Notes below).

Here is the YouTube video showing the laser cutting - the original time was 6:05 minutes, but the video is sped up to condense it to 46 seconds. - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l9wLE9ftEYo


1) Set the line width to 0.01px in Adobe Illustrator to set it to cut. 
2) Set the page size in the print settings to the actual page size in your Illustrator drawing (in my case, 24x18, even though the actual used space is much less) - the printer is very sensitive to this, and would not do anything with my print job otherwise. 
Very nicely done :)

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