The Ardweeny: the little friend of the Arduino (and how to beef it up)


Step 9: Cutting the legs off the Atmel

Picture of Cutting the legs off the Atmel
Now we get nasty! Let's use the flush-cutters to snip off the narrow, weak, wimpy legs off the Atmel microcontroller.

This step lets us keep the side-to-side spacing of the Ardweeny at 300mil which will may it fully compatible with a breadboard or any 300mil DIP socket.
I just got two ardweenys. I soldered the first one up, the SHX solder makes it SO easy to get almost perfect joints :). I have a few questions about it. Firstly, can your program it with a PICAXE USB download cable? And, what voltage can it handle, as it doesn't have a built-in reg like arduinos?
Thanks so much, I am looking forward to firing it up!