The Art of Weather: Creating an artistic weather enviroment

Picture of The Art of Weather: Creating an artistic weather enviroment
One of the fourth grade teachers I work with came to me and asked if I could come up with a lesson that involved weather for the fourth grade classes.  They were getting ready to start a unit in science involving weather as well as reading a book which discussed weather as well  I happily agreed to the challenge. 

Not only did we talk about weather, we talked about how weather in art can change mood.  How we can reuse old materials to create new art and use different unique items to create a artistic collage.
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Step 1: Materials Needed

Picture of Materials Needed
Large Sheet of Construction Paper
Popsicle sticks
White School Glue
Tag board or scratch paper
Old jeans cut into squares
Old shirts cut into squares (or extra fabric from sweing projects)
Various papers (old wrapping paper, scrap paper, brown paper sacks, tissue paper and so on)
Oil pastels
Cotton balls (water color if you want to dye them)
Any other random materials you can use, just about anything you can reuse (trash)
poofrabbit (author)  CreativeGeek1 year ago
Thank you!
dummy19771 year ago
I'm not a teacher, but this is a very cool concept to be teaching kids early on, as a lot of creative kids grow up putting more emphasis on style while missing out on all the opportunities adding some atmosphere can create to make their styles breathe life into their creations. Especially helpful to kids who aren't out in the different elements much growing up for inspiration.

I hope this type of lesson catches on with other art teachers!

poofrabbit (author)  dummy19771 year ago
Thanks! I came into teaching late, I have a BFA then added an education degree. I see no reason to not teach children just like artists. As a matter of fact from Kindergarten on I tell them all they ARE artists. :) The results I've gotten from my students and feed back from staff and parents tells me I'm completely on the right track. :)