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Did your brother convert to another religion in the name of love?

There are so many reasons why you would have to dissimulate your Christmas chocolate dispensing ornaments. Well this project is the answer to your prayers. We were initially planning to covertly hide the Advent Calender in a Book in an unsuspecting family's house in November, and then have them discover it through an elaborate ruse on the first of December. We ran out of time.

This Instructable will show you how to turn an old tome into a exciting advent calender for the holiday season. There are several useful instructables published elaborating the creation of book-safes (tbo0013, Re-design, and Mmarrington to name a few). The approach in this case was slightly different because 25 separate openings were necessary and the previously described methods appeared to be rather time consuming. There were many lessons learned through the process of developing the methodology for this creation. The mechanics are also slightly different because glue cannot be used to keep the pages together; the reason for this will become clear as you plan the sequence of openings.

Step 1: STEP 1: ITEMS

There may be more efficient ways to accomplish this project. I used what was available and was very happy with the result.

1. A BIG book
   → The bigger the better; in all dimensions
   → Thicker pages produces a cleaner cut, but tend to swell more around the cut (≈ 15%)
   → A Christmas, Victorian or winter theme is definitely a plus
   → Dictionaries are readily available, and rapidly becoming obsolete (no offense Webster).
2.  A drill (a drill press would be best)
3. "Grit-Style" holes saws (drill bits). I didn't try classic hole saws, but I assume these would tend to tear the paper.
4.  Angle Pick (a bent fork or clothes hanger could also do the job)
5. 2 or more C-clamps
6. Safety Glasses
7. Dust Mask
8. Fire extinguisher
9. Old Christmas Cards
10. Individually wrapped chocolates

I would display this 12 months out of the year!!!
Thanks, the trouble is we gave it away... hopefully they regift it back to us.
Thanks, I am very happy with the results.
What an excellent idea :D

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