For my next instructable, I plan on giving a book a voice. When I say voice, what I really mean is a set of speakers and a place to hold the iPod.

The finished pictures look similar to the before pictures. That is how I hoped it would look like. The unimpressive facade of the book throws off many unsuspecting individuals.

For this instructable I plan on using many pictures, but keep the steps down to a minimum to avoid any confusion. Don't worry, I will give you detailed instructions in the text and pictures, you do not need 40 steps to know how to cut into a book. If you are planning on attempting something similar to this project, I will advise you to look at all of the pictures along with their captions.

*as for the "world's loudest" claim, my research has not been completed, but by the looks of it, this is the worlds loudest (portable) book.... as of now.

Step 1: Materials

OK, for the materials, well... there are quite a few.

Main materials needed:

-Book - this is what you are going to be cutting into my books dimensions were 6"x9"x1.5"
-Box Cutter/X-acto knife - for cutting the books pages up
-Speakers - I purchased a $10 pair of universal speakers from Wal-Mart (probably has lead in it)
-Clamps - Hold the book's pages together so you do not mess up the pages while cutting
-Safty Glasses - For use when using the Dremel Drill to cut at the speakers
-Dremel Drill - Use to cut the speakers
-Ruler - Nice straight lines for cutting
-Pencil - For outlining and planning the cuts

Materials I had to find once I started
-Tape - hold things in place while i took measurements
-Hot Glue Gun - Hold speakers to cover
-Soldering iron / solder - Re-attach wires after they broke off speakers
-Post-it Notes - Helped determine where the holes for the speakers would go on the cover
-Patience - Can't have enough for cutting into a book hours on end
-iPod - Considering this revolves around one, you might want to get one (or an mp3 player)
-Elmer's Glue - Painting the speaker's chambers to make it a solid wall
-Paint brush - Painting the speaker's chambers with the glue
-Patience - Did I mention you need this?

This is just way too cool! I'm looking into doing something to give my little netbook just a wee bit more oomphf when at home. Will be interesting to experiment with this format (as well as another guy who uses cans for headphones but should work well for cheap speakers).<br><br>Thanks!
Given how cheap no-name MP3 players are becoming, this could be used as an innovative gift idea.&nbsp; <br /> <br /> Buy an audiobook (or several) in MP3 format, put it on a so-cheap-it's-almost-disposable 1GB MP3 player, desolder the play button and wire to a large push-button on the front cover of the book (ditto rewind and forward if necessary), add speakers like this, and give to someone.<br /> <br /> Might need to add a larger battery, but my Zen nano ran for about 15-20 hours in a 700mAh AAA, so with a 9000mAh D cell it would probably run for a week continuously.<br />

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