Have you ever wished you could get up on stage and let out an earth shaking roar, rock out for your audience and then store all that sound up and go blow up some baddies with it? Well this is your chance. The Audio Tesla Pistol is a hybrid of a microphone and a sound wave focusing death ray. The power of the banshees at the mercy of your trigger finger... what more could you possibly want?

This is my first ever instructable... Feel free to let me know any thoughts on how to make the next one better!

Step 1: What you will need

The must haves include:

1 dremmel tool with a number of attachments

1 standard corded microphone with removable audio cable

1 or two audio wire converters (depends on how long your barrel will be)

1wooden gear or other thin curved item that can be cut. This will be the trigger.

Two pieces of pine wood corner molding of your choice. Make sure one has a grove cut into it so the other can set inside of it. You'll see what I mean when you see the store's selection of corners.

Scrap leather (the softer the better)

Upholstry tacks (I chose brass)

Sheet of address stickers (the kind you put on your mailbox)

1 sheet coarse sandpaper

1 fine grained sandpaper sponge

1 pullchain hanger of your choice. These are the things people put at the end of the chains that hang from ceiling lamps and fans to keep them weighed down.

Flat wooden accent shapes, at least two of each shape you chose. The will greatly determine the overall look of the gun, so chose wisely. (can be found in the wood crafts section of Michael's)

Three halogen bulbs or glass radio tubes

Matte finish

One tube two part quick set epoxy

Plumber's epoxy

Gorilla glue

Acrylic paint, brass, copper and steel colors.

Lots and lots of patience!

Once you have your whole list of items gathered, it's time to go to work...

Despite looking really awesome, im kind of dissapointed, mainly because i hoped it would be functional..... like that sonic screwdriver knock-off&nbsp;from torchwood...<br /> <br /> Well, either way, i know what ill be designing when i have the time
well torchwood has made appearances on the doctor who show, and i do not watch torchwood that much, but maybe visa versa as well.
What sonic screwdriver knock-off&nbsp;from torchwood?&nbsp; <br />
Well, I'm not terribly skilled in the crafts area and this is my first stab. I was more interested in keeping the microphone functional :) I'm glad you like it though!!<br />
&nbsp;Ignore badger man, you did an excellent job of the project, the final thing looks pretty nice, and has a little uniqueness.<br /> <br /> Two suggestions,&nbsp;<br /> <br /> 1, try and hide the microphone look of the rear.<br /> 2, If possible, aim for some slightly clearer pictures.<br /> <br /> Otherwise, a great all round final piece.<br />

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