The Auto Loading Potato Cannon





Introduction: The Auto Loading Potato Cannon

Well, I made a trigger system for a potato cannon that, when you push up on the trigger, it opens a small 1/2 valve and sprays the AXE body spray into the now open valve. When you release the trigger it shuts off the AXE, and shuts the valve. Then you can pull back on the trigger which is connected to one of those "long-lighter sparker" it jumps a small arc across the combustion chamber- igniting it. Now, all of you potato cannoneers like me can appreciate the speed and ease of this system, you no longer have to unscrew the back of it, tilt it open, spray it in, close it before it escapes, make sure the threads are lined up, find your igniter, aim, then fire, - That all takes about 30seconds, well this system (once it is already loaded with a projectile) only takes 3 seconds. The only problem I have now is that it looks like a bomb. Soon I will be making this cannon into a six shot revolver, my next instructable, and most B.A. potato cannon of all time. Happy shooting!



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A six barreled Gatlin gun, that would be cool!

Try carrying that into an airport. Or for that matter, anywhere there are other people (take a video so we can all see!)

Anyone ever try using an auto charging Flash cap stystem out of a kodak to make a mortar ignigtor, like the shell would have an open space at the botton that you would spray, then drop into the barrel. At the bottom it would cross two wires on the pos And neg of the capacitor causing it to discharge and ignight the gas, launching the shell out. Anyone think this would work? Flash caps create a preaty powerful spark when they discharge( popped a couple tiny cauterized burn holes in my hand when me And my friend were tazing each other with then the otherday, And yea it hurt, still does 8 days later.)

That sounds like it could work pretty well; in fact you might even be able to hack it one step further and use it to control the sprayer. It would essentially be a comparator that compares the capacitor voltage to a potentiometer (for adjusting the air/WD-40/axe/starter fluid/other mixture) that then controls a solenoid valve between the propellant tank and the combustion chamber.

I lke the concept but make the apperance cleaner. Bundle wires and so on.

Can't you make this all mechanical?

this whole thing would work alot better, if it used a pray system that works the same as that of an inhaler cartridge

I have a suggestion where to source a metal springloaded butterfly valve but you will have to cut the valve out of surrounding housing . Go to a wrecked car that has efi and take the butterfly valve from the air intake . many cars run butterfly valves about the size you are after and they are housed in aluminium as a rule. i would suggest a turbo car as they are generally heaver in build

 Oh man! I thought this is gonna use some kind of advanced spud gun tech.