The Avenger (Instructions)





Introduction: The Avenger (Instructions)

This is the instructable for my pistol. Please rate, comment, and SUBSCRIBE. You are not allowed to leave this page without subscribing to me. =D

Step 1: The Gun

I crammed the instructions into only three pictures, but it is fairly easy to build.

Image 1 : Build this stuff.
Image 2 : Build this panel.
Image 3 : Take the panel you just made and put it onto the stuff from image 1.
Image 4 : This is the ammo.

You're done!

Step 2: You're Done!

Thanks for building and have fun! Be sure to SUBSCRIBE.



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    looks great:) does anyone else think it looks similar to the spiff ?

    Yes it is, the ZLG was single shot though.

    Do you know where i could get a picture of it?

    Not really, I couldn't find any.

    I built this then broke it because it SUCKS!

    When I had it, it was powerful and reliable. What didn't you like about it?

    i didnt have enough pieces so i built it incorrectly #sorryaboutthat

    You don't like it? I don't really like it either, because it's nothing new and innovative, and it copies the trigger from the ZLG.