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Introduction: The Avenger

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This is a pistol that I made. It uses the trigger and handle from the ZLG. The rest of the gun is my design. This has a 5 shot  magazine that shoots orange connecters with a green rod on each end. I would have used blue rods, but they don't shoot hardly as far as the other bullets. I got this to shoot 100 feet. Please rate, comment, and subscribe.



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    This uses the trigger mechanism from the ZLG. It's on Knex Innovation, or you could probably find how to make the ZLG trigger mechanism here on Instructables.

    Fairly generic, and since this is a pistol the handle and trigger from the ZLG it's basically a ZLG in a different shape. I'd recommend using white rods in a more neat way on the front, although I appreciate that positioning is also important.

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    The ZLG used a shorter firing pin than this does. Also, this has a magazine, and the ZLG doesn't. Do you mean the white rods on the side panels?

    I did get it to shoot 100 feet. I was shooting at an angle, and I had 3 #64 rubberbands on it. If you don't want to beleive that it shot 100 ft., then don't.
    Also, please do not swear on my instructables.

    Well you should mention those things in the ible, because when you say "I shot it to 100ft," people think you got that range flat.

    When someone says that they got 500 feet with the SR-v2, which I highly doubt, then obviously they would have to shoot it at an angle. I think that if someone read that this gun shot 100 feet, that they would know that I was shooting at an angle.

    SR-V2 was a very efficient design. 500ft is a bit far, but since there is only one major energy transfer (compared to the firing-pin-style's two) less energy is wasted. It's essentially a slingshot with direction.
    However, the point of an instructable is to specify and give detail about your project. If somebody doesn't quite understand something it is common decency to help them and possibly modify your project.

    i LOVE the look and overall design. definitely a good sidearm. you should post instructions. about shooting 100 feet with it, i read the comments below, and i must say that i agree with raz1r. even at an angle, no pistol can shoot 100 feet. if you'd have said 60 feet, i would have believed you. 100 feet is a total exaggeration that is unworthy of an intelligent person.

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    Thanks! I think I will post it. There is a long building, and it has been measured at 100 feet long. I stand beside the building shoot beside it. When I was testing this gun, I stood at the back of the building, and it shot farther than the building. I have not been able to get it to shoot 100 feet again, because my rubberbands stretched while they were on the gun. It was also windy outside when I shot it, and I don't know if the wind was blowing to push the bullet farther than normal.