Picture of The Average Guys Guide to a Successful Valentines Day!
This guide is for the guy that is clueless about what a girl REALLY wants for Valentine’s Day. The one that thinks a cheap teddy bear and a box of exceptionally waxy chocolates is sufficient for Valentine’s Day.  He thinks that if he brings flowers too, he nailed it. It is not, at any level of any relationship, ok to do ANY of these things. In fact, that should be on a national “what not to do” public service announcement.  This guide is the typical “real guy” , who is not Prince Charming or McDreamy by nature.

As an experienced event planner, I have seen many an attempt to “wow” and impress a date/spouse/significant other with a flashy high priced meal, overpriced bottle of champagne, and a dessert that was made weeks ago and defrosted that morning. While I’m sure there are some ladies out there that are really into that type of Valentine’s Day, I can assure you that it is not the case. Not all women are that superficial and materialistic.

Now that is good and bad for men. It’s good because maybe you don’t have an endless supply of money to dote on her every whim and pull out the big show for Valentine’s Day. It’s bad because now what do you do?

You read my guide. I have lots of experience in social events of all types. Let me share my knowledge with you. Make THIS YEAR’S Valentine’s Day awesome for that special lady in your life. Every girl deserves it, and really wants it.  Go through each section, read it, understand it, ask questions if you need to. You can even email me at sparklysharpfabulous@gmail.com if you are shy. I will do my best to help.

**Also, I’d like to clarify I am going to try and keep this guide as frugal and DIY capable as I can! It not only shows the girl that you cared enough to plan (even just a little) and make an effort. That goes 10 times further than a dinner at a crowded restaurant and some crappy chocolates. There will be no intricate 4 layered specialty cake, or some super cheesy felt – knitted- garland- who knows what thing. I like to think of this as more of a REALISTIC guide.**

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KarelaG7 months ago

Too bad my boyfriend does not do Valentines Day, lol.

gunman152 years ago
Thank you sooooooo much, this helps a ton... you don't know how much!
thesparklequeen (author)  gunman152 years ago
My pleasure! Let me know if I can help you with anything :)

Good luck!
I think this guide was very cute! I loved the christmas light canopy idea very elegant and fun looking. And the balloon idea (from the pictures) was so cute. It may be too late to show these things to my bf as valentines day is tomorrow, but I may just decorate my own bedroom/bed with balloons and lights lol
Good luck in the contest!
Hahaha well you could show him for next year? This lady on pinterest said she was sending it to all of her sons to be proactive, lol. But I'm totally with you on doing up your own bedroom this way! I'd love to, though I think the cat will find it to be a giant new toy....Thanks for your kind words, I appreciate it :)
So i didnt get a chance to get balloons and stuff for my bedroom for valentines day, but I am already planning on going wesday night after my college classes to the dollar store (they sell amazing, fancy helium balloons for 1 and 2 dollars.) and I am decking out my bedroom with happy birthday and sparkley balloons in celebration of my 21st bday on thursday! I am seriously loving the balloon idea i may have to do this for every birthday, anniversary, holiday lol so fun!

That sounds AWESOME! What a good idea, and a fun way to celebrate. I want to wake up to shiny balloons on MY birthday!
More importantly though, Happy Birthday!! I hope it is super fun and you have a great time!
mezcraft3 years ago
I really don't mean to be rude, but I don't understand this. Perhaps you could clarify?
At the beginning you say don't get flowers, but then you say later to get flowers.
Also perhaps our ideas of frugal are different. A spa day?
I really like the idea of the tent in the house thing, though.

thesparklequeen (author)  mezcraft3 years ago
Good call. I'm saying don't get flowers and call it a day. If they are a nice little touch you add to some other big thing, then yes, you should do them. The point is dont JUST do flowers. As far as a spa day, you can easily go and prepay a manicure for $20 at most malls, I'm not suggesting a full on head to toe pampering, but a little something. Thanks for your in put :)