The Awesome Picnic Table





Introduction: The Awesome Picnic Table

This is a picnic table that i thought of and made all in one day. There are 8 2x4's that make the table top, 8 legs with two support beams going across each set (one is hidden right underneath the table) then there are the angled 2x4s for the bottom of the seating

One side of the table obviously has single seats while the other is a bench. There are two hinges at each seat and 4 in the bench part. I get free scrap wood and if you have the room in your yard you can probably get it too by contacting people who do construction because it costs them money to drop it off at an actual dumpsite. 

Have fun making your own and be creative!



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    Where's the rest of it? Did I miss where there was an "instructable" on how to make this table?

    I would love to try and make one, and maybe a miniture one too, but need a little more instruction other than how many 2x4's were used.

    Transformer picnic table. Neat-o.

    there are hinges

    Plrase show us the himges , where they are & the size, so we can get the right ones. Then we can make this. Hinges come in many sizes . I am guessing that the hinges must be pretty strong , along with their mounting screws! Thanks.

    Notice the far left seat. It's the same as the front left seat, but the back is flipped down (presumably for facing the table). I'm guessing the bench side is similar, you fold the back down to make it a "regular" bench, for facing toward the table.

    This link shows a similar table:

    This thing looks like it will tip right over if people only want to sit on the bench seat side...

    Its hard to tip, the legs are angled enough where you have to have big people to tip it

    How many piknikers on bench to tip? guess it depends on size...