The Awesomest Coolest Easiest Water Bowl for DOGS & CATS!





Introduction: The Awesomest Coolest Easiest Water Bowl for DOGS & CATS!

This is a water bowl for dogs or cats.  It is super EASY!  In a few simple steps you could have a water bowl that you only have to fill up once in a while, and it holds twice as much water for later on. 

In this project you don't need to buy a whole new bowl, you just reuse your dog's regular bowl.   If you are worried that you have to drill, nail, or put glue on the bowl, don't be concerned.  This project doesn't do anything to the bowl.

One important thing though, make sure you KEEP THE TOP OF THE 2L BOTTLE!

NOTE: This Watering Bowl was designed, built, and written-up to share on Instructables, by my 11-year old daughter. It's important that I give credit where credit is due, so any and all praise goes to her... the suggestions and critiques as well. It turned out really well, and I'm quite proud of the fact that she wanted to share how she did it here.  Nice work super girl!  What's your next invention going to be? #proudDad

Step 1: Materials

For this project you will need:

-2 by 4 piece of wood about 16 inches long
-1 by 6 piece of wood about 12 inches long
-2L bottle
-Dog dish
-Velcro tape (2 pieces of fuzzy sided, 2 pieces of hooked sided)
-Nails (3)
-Wood glue
-Wood clamp
-Spray paint or stain (optional)

Step 2: Outline the Position of the Board

Take the 2 by 4 and position it in the middle of the end of the 1 by 6.  When you found the spot you like, outline around the outside of the 2 by 4 with a pencil.  You are marking where the boards are going to attach to each other.

Step 3: Glue and Clamp

Once you outline the bottom of the 2 by 4, glue it onto the 1 by 6 in the spot that you picked. The outline should help you line it up.  Once you do that, clamp it!

Step 4: Nail and Velcro

Nail the 2 by 4 to the 1 by 6. After that, stick the 2 soft piece of Velcro on the 2 by 4 piece of wood.  Look at the pictures to see how I placed them.

Suggestion: Use the 2L bottle to measure where to put the soft Velcro (Hint: make sure that one piece of soft Velcro is almost to the top of the 2L bottle so it stay).  The end of it should stick into the bowl at the height you want the water to fill up to.

Once done with that, stick the hard Velcro to the soft Velcro.  Put the 2L bottle on the sticky side of the Velcro and you are DONE!!!

Remember: Wherever the tip of the 2L bottle is that is how high the water will be.  I have had to move the bottle down because so much water was spilling.

Step 5: Spray Paint or Stain (optional)

This step is optional.  You can spray paint or stain your piece.  What I did was first spray paint it green.  Then I took craft paint and painted cool designs.   Have FUN! It's for you pet after all!

Step 6: How to Put Water in the Bowl

Fill up the 2L bottle and the put the cap on on it.  Line up the velcro so that the top of the water bottle is facing down.

Unscrew the cap and WHOOSHHH!  The water comes down! 

Now it may come down fast but as soon as the water reaches the tip of the 2L bottle it stops.  As the water reaches underneath the tip of the 2L bottle, more water comes out to fill the bowl back up.

One tip: Don't fill up the bottle all the way it makes it too heavy, and it falls ( I would fill it up at the most half way for the bottle). Make sure you also fill the water bowl. 

Remember: Wherever the tip of the 2L bottle is that is how high the water will be.  I have had to move the bottle down because so much water was spilling.

Hope you find the project useful!

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Just cut the bottom of the bottle off, then use a 2nd 2 liter bottle to fill it up with

Interesting use of physics, but a bigger bowl would be easier.

Had no velcro so i cut the back board into two pieces, joined them together at right angles and added a board with a hole for the bottle to fit through, and rest upon. Angled the edges of the hole so the bottle rested on it and leaned on the. Thanks for the insperation.

Great job! One suggestion. Over time, any water bottle builds up bacteria inside. It's a tough film and doesn't come off even when you wash it with soap. It's good to either replace the bottle every month, or use a little bleach to sterilize it, then rinse it well. I know, gross. Of course, this goes for human water bottles as well.

A splash or 2 of Apple Cider Vinegar adds flavor & minerals to the water & also prevents bacteria from growing. But you have to slowly add it so your pet(s) get used to the new taste.

Yes use Braggs.

I have some equipment that requires sterilization and I can tell you that a "splash" of vinegar won't prevent the bacteria from growing. As to whether occasionally vigorously shaking some pure white vinegar in the bottle would work, I don't know. The easy solution would be to use a new bottle every week.

The "splash" of Apple Cider Vinegar is mixed in with the drinking water & it causes the water to be too acidic for the bacteria to grow. We use it in all of our animal water (bunnies & both indoor & outdoor water dishes for cats & dogs). We used to have to rinse the outdoor dishes daily because they were gross. But after adding the vinegar we can wait until all the water is gone before rinsing the organic matter out.

I even use white vinegar to clean the rabbit cages. It disinfects every thing with out chemicals that could hurt the rabbits. Gets rid of urine stains & makes the cage look new! (Except the scratch marks on the plastic.)

For *actual* cleaning your obviously need more than a small amount of diluted vinegar. And please note: this is NOT for hospital level "kill everything with fire" sterilization. It is simply a way to keep your animal's things cleaned.