The Awesomest Coolest Easiest Water Bowl for DOGS & CATS!

Picture of The Awesomest Coolest Easiest Water Bowl for DOGS & CATS!
This is a water bowl for dogs or cats.  It is super EASY!  In a few simple steps you could have a water bowl that you only have to fill up once in a while, and it holds twice as much water for later on. 

In this project you don't need to buy a whole new bowl, you just reuse your dog's regular bowl.   If you are worried that you have to drill, nail, or put glue on the bowl, don't be concerned.  This project doesn't do anything to the bowl.

One important thing though, make sure you KEEP THE TOP OF THE 2L BOTTLE!

NOTE: This Watering Bowl was designed, built, and written-up to share on Instructables, by my 11-year old daughter. It's important that I give credit where credit is due, so any and all praise goes to her... the suggestions and critiques as well. It turned out really well, and I'm quite proud of the fact that she wanted to share how she did it here.  Nice work super girl!  What's your next invention going to be? #proudDad
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
For this project you will need:

-2 by 4 piece of wood about 16 inches long
-1 by 6 piece of wood about 12 inches long
-2L bottle
-Dog dish
-Velcro tape (2 pieces of fuzzy sided, 2 pieces of hooked sided)
-Nails (3)
-Wood glue
-Wood clamp
-Spray paint or stain (optional)

Step 2: Outline the Position of the Board

Picture of Outline the Position of the Board
Take the 2 by 4 and position it in the middle of the end of the 1 by 6.  When you found the spot you like, outline around the outside of the 2 by 4 with a pencil.  You are marking where the boards are going to attach to each other.

Step 3: Glue and Clamp

Picture of Glue and Clamp
Once you outline the bottom of the 2 by 4, glue it onto the 1 by 6 in the spot that you picked. The outline should help you line it up.  Once you do that, clamp it!
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Erin EliseR4 months ago

HELP! I want to make something like this that will take 5 gallon Culligan delivered water. I cant believe such a thing isn't sold... but I checked and its not. The "hduo" product is the closest thing and they have gone out of business. I simply want to exchange the water jug every few 3-7 days or however long it takes for the dogs to drink that much water. There are plenty of 'refillable' devices, but they all get dirty and nasty and are difficult to clean.

Erin, I bought one of these for my dogs, and when I accidentally dropped and broke the 4 gallon jug that came with it, I was able to successfully use a 5gal water jug as a replacement. Hope this helps, they're great to use when you have 2 or 3 large water guzzling dogs :)

this is cool not only is this a cool science trick but it helps with every day life

pennyfarthing4 months ago

I think this is terrific. Just a couple of additional ideas. If you used a clear plastic tube attached to the bottle, you could then just attach the bottle to a brick wall (I want to put mine in the patio where it's cool & I can keep an eye on it) I thought I could just attach a piece of wood on the wall & add the Velcro to bottle & wood, or use a metal clamp (like plumbers use for pipes) that the bottle can just be dropped into it. Use a nut & bolt on one side so that you can loosen it when changing the bottle, depending on how tight you want it to be. This would then allow you to use any sized bottle, as long as you can find a clamp to fit it. Then attach a similar, but small clamp, on the inside of the metal water bowl to hold the tube in place so that the animal can't push it out. This would be essential if going away for a day or two. You could also put a small hole in the top of the bottle (when upside down) to fit a funnel into the hole. No need to remove the bottle to refill this way.

NB Clear tube so that you can see if it's getting grungy ..& cork or rubber bung to fit into the bottle hole for the clear tube. These should be easy enough to find at hardware stores, or just use a cork, or a drill a hole in the bottle cap.

aditya gupta6 months ago
Very nice
But I wanted to ask something
I also made a dog water bowl filler but in my case i connected a hose to the bottom of the bottle and dipped the other end in the water bowl
It's the same principle but my bottle just crushed and all the water over flowed
The bottle crises under the vacuum created by water
What can do to stop it from crushing
dpenaherrera18 months ago

If you freeze the bottle of water it will provide ice cold water for your pets

PhotoBugg9 months ago

Nicely done!!! Many kuddos!!!

Awesome job

C I A H1 year ago
have you thought of using a pice of hose like aquarium hose to go from the bottle to the bowl so that you can move the bottle back away from the bowl some so it isnt directly over the bowl like that?
JimTiffinJr (author)  C I A H1 year ago
No I have not thought of that. I think I will try it!
also i was thinking a box cover for it with a sight line to see the level for those people with cats and dogs that like to try to pull the bottle off the stand, just ideas was gonna tryt o figure out how to put one of these together myself for outside but this instruc. gave me a good base to start with
Cool! Made this, works well and only took me 20 minutes! Plus I didnt have to buy anything, so that was a plus. ;)
JimTiffinJr (author)  legodude20201 year ago
Hope this project was useful!
mkambas1 year ago
brilliant and easy to make! thx.
i've utilized the same concept for an automatic toilet bowl cleaner!!!
Clever but unfortunately not new. Something very similar is on sale in South Africa (hence made in China) so should be available in other countries for the past 15 years. It's a big bowl with two special tips where you can stick with a slit in the middle (bottles as per your pic) and the water flows out as the water level goes down costs around 3-5$ max comes in an array of colours. But I am sure your doggie will love your creation!
our cat had one of these types of "prefab" waterers. that helpful guy just got between the wall and the soda bottle and pushed til he dislodged the water bottle and let it pour all over the floor. he did this so often we had to give up having a self waterer. I LOVE the idea of attaching the water bottle to a post. not velcro, since I'm sure that cat can insinuate himself between a post and a bottle if all he has to fight is velcro. I'm thinking a drop in sort of situation similar to a muffler clamp but not tightened. Just a band screwed to the post. maybe a smaller one to hold it up off the bottom of the bowl. I'll have to look into this as soon as I get home.
New is not the point. Easy to make at home, rather than spending $15-30 for the prefab models is, I believe, closer to the objective. And for a kid to come up with this is very creative. Nice work.
Lzrd511 year ago
I was wondering why you tell us to save the bottle top? I don't see that it is used anywhere on the watering bowl????

PS - I always save the tops as there are so many craft ideas for using them!!
JimTiffinJr (author)  Lzrd511 year ago
The reason you save the cap, is because once you fill up the water bottle (hint: Don't fill it up all the way or the water bottle will fall) you put the cap on. Then you stick it on to the Velcro. Untwist the cap (you will get your hand wet) and the water comes out. There are some comments on here that say something about put a hole in the cap that totally work! Also fill up the bowl as well as the bottle (that way you don't use as much water in the bowl).
I'm embarrassed to say that after reading your tut more carefully, I did understand about the cap. Sorry.
Lzrd511 year ago
What a creative project - you go girl! I do have a question - I haven't got such a long clamp so is it possible to make this without or can you give me an idea for gluing the wood together without a clamp?? Thanks, this will be my first wood project and I don't really know much about clamps and things.
Thanks a lot for sharing, Lis
JimTiffinJr (author)  Lzrd511 year ago
If you don't have a long clamp then you can just have a person hold it while you nail. Or a longer way to do it is glue the wood together then wait till it drys then nail.
Thanks so much, just the idea that I thought!
savmom1 year ago
How AWESOME are you! This is a great instructable and I can't wait to make one. My dog and cat are constantly emptying the water bowl. Thanks!
worthart1 year ago
Most excellent project!
grsalmela1 year ago
I love it! Am going to make this for my dog and cat.
I think this is wonderful, You did a great job nice painting also. I love your dog. I am going right now to make one....Thanks for this Instructable...
stubbsonic1 year ago
Great job! One suggestion. Over time, any water bottle builds up bacteria inside. It's a tough film and doesn't come off even when you wash it with soap. It's good to either replace the bottle every month, or use a little bleach to sterilize it, then rinse it well. I know, gross. Of course, this goes for human water bottles as well.
A splash or 2 of Apple Cider Vinegar adds flavor & minerals to the water & also prevents bacteria from growing. But you have to slowly add it so your pet(s) get used to the new taste.
I have some equipment that requires sterilization and I can tell you that a "splash" of vinegar won't prevent the bacteria from growing. As to whether occasionally vigorously shaking some pure white vinegar in the bottle would work, I don't know. The easy solution would be to use a new bottle every week.
The "splash" of Apple Cider Vinegar is mixed in with the drinking water & it causes the water to be too acidic for the bacteria to grow. We use it in all of our animal water (bunnies & both indoor & outdoor water dishes for cats & dogs). We used to have to rinse the outdoor dishes daily because they were gross. But after adding the vinegar we can wait until all the water is gone before rinsing the organic matter out.

I even use white vinegar to clean the rabbit cages. It disinfects every thing with out chemicals that could hurt the rabbits. Gets rid of urine stains & makes the cage look new! (Except the scratch marks on the plastic.)

For *actual* cleaning your obviously need more than a small amount of diluted vinegar. And please note: this is NOT for hospital level "kill everything with fire" sterilization. It is simply a way to keep your animal's things cleaned.
Ok. Thanks. It really is impressive how versatile vinegar is for things. It never before occurred to me that pets could just get used to a little vinegar in their water. It's a good idea.
I love this idea. I've purchased many of the prefab kind but the reservoir invariably falls over or cracks. Now I can make my own and I'm so excited to try it. Thank you so much. You are a smart young person and I hope you keep inventing and using that great mind you have. Best wishes.
rayleb1 year ago
instead of bothering with the cap I just place my thumb over the end, turn the bottle over and lower it into the water.
Second note would be to actually have a strap of the velcro wrap around the bottle. If you are away for a good while, you don't want the poochies to be without water because the bottle fell. My dogs have actually knocked my bottle off b4.
Super Job !!
Nice instructable. Kudos to your daughter.
smalcolm1 year ago
Recommendation, pre-drill the holes and use a combo of wood screws and wood glue, that way you can still apply glue to the bottom of the 2x4 but forgo the need for a clamp (and yes, also apply glue to the screws before you screw them in).
Also, look into 3m Dual lock, it's stronger than velcro (way stronger) and the adhesive will stick to damned near anything.
I'm going to make this, I have 2 corgis that love water so I'll be using a three liter bottle lol.
Definitely going on my favorite list.
jford101 year ago
Cool project. One suggestion would be to improve joint between the 2x4 and the 1x6. Gluing and nailing into end grain can be an ineffective joint do to the orientation of the cellular wood fibers. You might consider instead drilling with a countersink bit and using wood screws.
InspectorD1 year ago
Nice idea but my dogs would eat both the plastic water bottle and the wooden stand in about 5 min.! LOL If I used a concrete post and a heavy gauge steel water container it might last a little longer but not much. LOL I have defaulted to using one of those hose faucet attachments that they can lick. They much prefer shoving their face into the kids play pool or most of all, the toilet.
modern man1 year ago
Yes, great instructable, simple & well done. I always forget to give water to my dogs so this will help. Cute dog by the way.
Dystonia1 year ago
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