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It doesn't happen often to me being really satisfied with a project, or calling one of my own projects 'megacool'.
This time it's different! I'm proodly presenting you my newest deadly weapon: The BEAST - bart's eight arrow shooter ;-)
Cool, fast, simple, powerful, accurate!

All you need:
- a climber's eight / figure eight / abseilacht
- a strong rubber band
- some paracord
- a few stretchers
and of course, a few arrows

Step 1: Prepare the Band

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Cut the rubber band in two.
Prepare a piece of paracord: three inches long.
Fix the paracord to the rubber bands: two eight knots, two stretchers.
Cut the excess cord & stretchers. Burn the tips of the paracord.

Step 2: Fix the Band to the Eight

Picture of Fix the Band to the Eight

Use stretchers: easy & solid!

Step 3: Shooting Time!

Picture of Shooting Time!

The BEAST is ready, you never imagine how effective it is!

Tip: if you add a coil with some lengths of fishing wire you'll have THE tool to go creek fishing!
I know what I'm gonna do one of the following nights ;-)

Thanx again for watching, and thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx to all subscribers. I appreciate, really ;-)


soxnation (author)2016-01-19

Nice, but what is the draw weight?

DeezDucks (author)2015-12-13

bart did you try doing it on the smaller ring of the eight or does it damage the feathers??

bricobart (author)DeezDucks2015-12-17

I didn't - my hands are to small to hold the thing correctly on the big side..

PhilieBlunt (author)2014-01-03

latex tubing! like the bands on a hunting slingshot... they sell it in like 20ft pieces at lowes for like 10-15 bucks

Imcrazydude (author)2013-04-30


skoster (author)2013-04-07

After reading this, I've been searching for slingbows. I've seen that Theraband Gold (highly rated) and also spear gun rubber could be used.

Phoghat (author)2012-10-28

Great idea, and I will try it BUT....

You attached the bands using zip ties. A temporary(dangerous) solution at best, trust me I know.
I make slingshots/catapults as a hobby and band attachment, the right way, is easy.
Just ONE way

bricobart (author)Phoghat2012-10-28

Great video - gives a very clean attachment that sounds supersafe. Thanx!

Phoghat (author)bricobart2012-10-29

Where to buy the "a climber's eight / figure eight / abseilacht"?? Got a link??

oldhorse (author)Phoghat2013-03-06

Got mine on ebay...plenty of them to choose from.

Phoghat (author)oldhorse2013-03-06

Did a search result zilch.
Got a link??

skoster (author)Phoghat2013-04-07

bricobart (author)Phoghat2012-10-29

Try any mountaineering shop! If you want to buy it in belgium or france I can give you some addresses ;-)

Zetsumeimaru (author)2013-03-26

How powerful and accurate is it?

oldhorse (author)2013-03-06

Great idea!!!....5 stars....gonna make one soon.

bricobart (author)oldhorse2013-03-06

You won't regret it!

masterochicken (author)2013-01-09

Nice sling bow. I like how you used the climbers 8 as your frame. The zip ties might be a bit harsh on the bands though. The classic method of securing band would be to tie smaller rubber band around the large bands using a constrictor knot.

nflemming2004 (author)2012-12-14

one suggestion to improve accuracy, though it would be a little expensive, would be to add a "whisker biscuit" like this guy did for his slingshot...

nevermind, I see further down that you already considered this

bricobart (author)nflemming20042012-12-15

Thanx mate, I already ordered one for Xmas ;-)

dbenner1 (author)2012-12-08

Genius! Pure genius! There is only one other person in all of human history that is more genius than I, and that would be my son who showed me this. Hey, facts are facts! So what if you are maybe number eleven or twelve in the genius ranking.

bricobart (author)dbenner12012-12-09

Are you talking about THE dbenner1-genius-ranking? No kidding! And I'm in it? Awesome!!!

mikeasaurus (author)2012-10-22

Part slingshot, part crossbow; I like it! This reminds me of those sling shot javelins, only this one is elastic.

bricobart (author)mikeasaurus2012-10-23

The concept exists since a long time, but with the eight it's so easy to work it out fast!

mayday12 (author)bricobart2012-10-27

you need to post a video. i can't find one...great idea, but war can you find a fig. 8?

bricobart (author)mayday122012-10-28

Any mountaineering shop will do the job!

mayday12 (author)bricobart2012-11-03

we don't have those + no mountains

mayday12 (author)bricobart2012-11-03

we dont have those or mountains

arpruss (author)mikeasaurus2012-10-28

It's know as a slingbow, I believe. :-) Very nice.

arpruss (author)2012-11-02

I've noticed that at least some commercial slingshots have a rest that sticks out horizontally over the wrist and helps keep the slingshot upright against the force of the pull, without requiring as much grip strength.

In archery, one tries to avoid too much strength of grip with the bow hand, because a strong grip will tend to rotate the bow and decrease accuracy. Ideally, one doesn't even grip, but just has fingers loosely wrapped around the bow (or a sling) so that the bow doesn't fall to the ground after the shot. I think a similar accuracy issue might show up here.

I wonder if there is some way of modifying the BEAST so one doesn't need as much grip strength.

By the way, have you measured the poundage at full stretch?

bricobart (author)arpruss2012-11-03

I know what you mean. When I'm shooting my compound bow the bow literally falls forward after releasing the arrow. 'Let it live!' said my instructor always.
With the beast it's different because there's no force pulling on the other side. A horizontal arm would compensate this, you're right.

Therefor: every improvement of the idea is welcome. The beast on itself is pure simplicity and acceptable accuracy. What counts for the bow counts for the idea: let it live!

Suraj Grewal (author)2012-10-29

the ^ above ^ thing is waterproof isn't it

bricobart (author)Suraj Grewal2012-10-29

AND yak-proof!

ssohn711 (author)2012-10-28

How accurate is the beast?

This thing looks awesome. I would reccomend trying to mount a whisker biscuit ( used in archery) on it somehow. This would make it fly straighter. I am also going to be looking into how to make this with Surgical rubber bands & bow string.

bricobart (author)ssohn7112012-10-28

Clever idea! One guy recommended toothbrush heads but this looks even better. I have to mount this on my compound bow too - until now I'm using an older system.

freeza36 (author)2012-10-22

Great idea for creek fishing... Whenever I see brook trout, they just wont take my bait or lure. This is the answer!

lbrewer42 (author)freeza362012-10-28

Totally off this cool inventions topic.

I have a long life of successful trout fishing behind me. If you can see them, the rule is that they can see you and will not take the bait.

Outside of a rare feeding frenzy this is the norm.

Another exception to this rule is if you are wearing polarized glasses - these are like Superman's X-ray vision for trout fishing (try them if you have not - even the cheap WalMart-bought brands are amazing when looking at water). These glasses will allow you to see trout in situations where they cannot see you.

Check the legalities of bow fishing for the trout also or you might end up with a large fine :(

bricobart (author)lbrewer422012-10-28

Never thought about that! Useful!!!

freeza36 (author)lbrewer422012-10-28

Yeah, I have tried the polarized sunglasses. And I do need to look into the legal

bricobart (author)freeza362012-10-23

Oh yes, thanx!

freeza36 (author)bricobart2012-10-23

Trout be gone!

robosnitz (author)2012-10-28

I'd use bicycle tubes instead of rubber bands and double or triple them up.

1-big-dog (author)2012-10-28

The best ideas, like this one, are simple, and elegant, and this is a great idea, well executed!

bricobart (author)1-big-dog2012-10-28

Thanx mate!

clubagreenie (author)2012-10-28

Be even better using spear gun rubbers. Available in various diameters from 6mm (1/4") to 22mm (7/8"). It's hollow so the cord & knot can be stuffed inside and the rubber will bite down on the knot as stretched plus a couple of cable ties for security.

snoopindaweb (author)2012-10-28

"You'll shoot Yer' eye out"..HA.!

Edgar (author)2012-10-28

Great Idea, I've voted, and you should show this to that guy on the Slingshot Channel, on youtube! :)

bricobart (author)Edgar2012-10-28

I'm a great fan of this crazy german! I'll send him a link, and I'm sure he'll send me some of his homemade bullets back ;-)

Edgar (author)bricobart2012-10-28

Heh, heh!

lbrewer42 (author)2012-10-28

Very cool and simple to do. Look here for the U;itmate guy who regularly designs/makes incredible variants of this and mega-slingshots:

browse his youtube videos for some amazing designs of homemade slingshots and arrow shooting devices. Some are a pump action, large steel ball shooting "sling rifle;" a slingshot "cannon" with which he does some serious damage to a car by repeatedly shooting it with a shot-put sized steel ball; and a gattling-gun style multiple arrow shooting "sling bow".

He also has a website where you can get his plans free.

Warning - an addictive website that will make you want to start making cool, and deadly, slingshot weapons.

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