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I love to bake cakes, in fact I often find myself daydreaming about cakes during boring lectures and doodling cakes on the margins of my notebooks.
Sadly, during the semester I don't have time to make a proper cake, but here is a recipe everyone can follow using basic ingredients and a cake mix.
This cake ends up to have four different layers; the top of the cake is a chocolate meringue, the next layer become almost mousse-like, the thirds layer is the gooey chocolate cake, and the last layer is a rich dense chocolate cake.

Once you make this all your friends and family will be begging you to make more and soon it will become your best bargaining chip :)

Here's what you'll need:
~ 1 chocolate cake mix
~ 3 eggs
~ 1 package of cream cheese (8 oz.)
~ 4 tbsp. cocoa powder
~ 1 whole box of powdered sugar
~ 2 sticks of butter
~ 1 tsp. vanilla extract

Step 1: Get Those Hands Dirty!

Picture of Get Those Hands Dirty!

In a nice big bowl combine the cake mix, a melted stick of butter and an egg. It's a bit hard to combine these three elements with a spoon or mixer because there is so much more cake mix in proportion to the melted butter and egg so I like to get my hands in there.
I'm sure y'all are clean people, but it never hurts to wash your hands before you get them working the base of the cake all together.

After it has been worked, the base shouldn't be liquid-y, it should have the consistency of molding clay.
It'll also smell really good. Mmmm chocolate-y

Step 2: Pat-pat-pat It All Down

Picture of Pat-pat-pat It All Down

Now that you have been a star at working those hands into mixing the base of the cake together you gotta pat it all into a pan.
Lightly grease a 13x9 inch pan and dump the base mixture into it.
Get those hands ready again and work on trying to evenly spreading the cake base to the pan. It’s okay if you initially doubt the ability for the cake to actually fit the whole length and width of the pan; it'll prove you wrong soon enough.

Don't give up, it'll fit nicely. Just gently edge the mixture from the center of the pan outwards into the corners.
And make sure that you have no holes and that it's as even as possible.

Step 3: Beat It! Whip It!

Picture of Beat It! Whip It!

(At this point you will probably want to preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit (or 176.7 degrees Celsius). Honestly, you could have begun preheating the oven earlier, but my oven works fast and so does my guilt of wasting energy.)

You're almost done making the cake! Hooray.
Now you need to beat the cream cheese until it is silky smooth. Once it has reached that level you can add in the two remaining eggs and the 4 tablespoons of cocoa powder. Whip it all together.
If you are using a mixer and not your Iron Man strength, you will want to lower the speed of it as you add in the powdered sugar. Slowly add it in so that you can ensure that it all gets well incorporated into the mix.
About halfway through the box of powdered sugar it will start to get really hard to mix the ingredients together. You'll need to add some moisture.
Melt the last stick of butter and now alternate between adding in the butter and adding in the remaining powdered sugar.
Keep on beating it together and keep on singing to that old radio playing great 80's tunes.

Once everything has mixed together (and your throat is starting to hurt due to all that singing) you can add in that one teaspoon of vanilla. Mix it one more time and voilà ! You are practically done...but you have a few more steps to go through before you can stuff your face with the wonderful creation.

Step 4: Spread It! Lick It!

Picture of Spread It! Lick It!

Yippie! You're done with the hard part. Now that you have the base of the cake laid out in the pan and the top mixture beat and whipped into shape, you need to combine the two forces together.
Evenly spread the mixture onto the base of the cake. Tap the bottom of the pan a few times to try and get rid of the big air bubbles.

This is also the place where you can lick the bowl. Sure, it's raw eggs but it sure is tasty.
You might also want to find some Pepto-Bismol for the stomach ache you may get after you lick that bowl clean :o)

Step 5: Cook It! Eat It!

Picture of Cook It! Eat It!

You're all set.
Pop that baby into the oven for 40 to 50 minutes. Keep a watchful eye over it so it doesn't overcook.
The top of the cake will be easy to burn.

Once it's done getting cooked you can take it out of the oven and let it cool for a bit., but you want to eat it when it's still warm.
It will have inflated a bit, because of all the eggs/butter/and beating you did, but it'll deflate. And the top of the cake will also be cracked around the edges, but that adds to the rustic feel and can take the blame for any issues you have when plating and serving this to your friends.



ciroman (author)2010-01-07

 Hey, could you please update your recipe, like the guys said... And could you please specify at which temperature to bake it. 45 minutes doesn't mean anything to me, theres a big difference between 45 minutes on 100°C or 45 minutes on 220°C

spraynard (author)ciroman2010-02-02

In step 3 it says to preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

AvaTheAssain (author)spraynard2016-04-04

really let me see

ciroman (author)spraynard2010-02-03

think. it might have been corrected by the time you replied(1 month since i posted)

allielliott (author)2012-04-27

If I make this in a spring form pan will it fall apart when I remove it from the pan?

AussieAnglerGal (author)2012-01-24


claudiaivonnefranco (author)2009-11-24

If this is cut into 12 pieces, each has 540 calories and 30 grams of fat.

Una (author)claudiaivonnefranco2011-03-13

I make a flourless chocolate cake that has 6 egg and three sticks of butter. I call it quiche, and have it for breakfast. Don't try to play a player, and don't try to guilt the guiltless. Calories are yummy. :o)

  So that's like... 2 of your meals for the day. Only eat dinner and you're set. LOL.

its obviously not meant to be eaten everyday, but its ok every once and a while

 Who cares as long as it tastes good. Also, portion control, take what you want/can have if you're worried about that sort of thing.

MariahWeezy123 (author)2011-02-01

My mouth is drooling(:

marjoycek (author)2010-07-19

Paula Deen had the original "Gooey Cake" on a Food network show several years ago. There are many versions,including one with pumpkin, one with ripe bananas, one with chocolate & peanut butter,and one with pineapple. I have made all of them except the pineapple. Very good,and very easy. Great for taking to potlucks,etc. This is the link for her recipe. Your instructable was great. I cannot wait to try your version with the chocolate cake and cocoa powder. My husband loves chocolate!

willrandship (author)2010-02-13

How much powdered sugar do you use? We buy bulk bags, so we can't go by the "whole box" measurement.

marjoycek (author)willrandship2010-07-19

A box of powdered sugar is 16 oz. or 2 cups. Do not pack down when measuring sugar into cup.

komecake (author)willrandship2010-03-09

  The more sugar the better?

willrandship (author)komecake2010-03-13

So I go until the cake is so powdery and dry it falls apart?

komecake (author)willrandship2010-03-14

  I was being funny. No reason to be smart with me.

willrandship (author)komecake2010-03-20

Umm, so was I?

Grikovien (author)willrandship2010-03-23


steve_phx (author)2010-07-19

If you like your cake so moist, just call it PIE. Pie is better than cake anyday

SisterMable (author)2010-07-19

Hey @willrandship, if no one ever told you, it's a pound of powdered sugar :)

hammer9876 (author)2010-07-18

"1 whole box of powdered sugar" is not specific enough for any recipe. Would you please update your instructable?

karossii (author)2010-07-16

Chocolate cake of any sort is just... disgusting... I know I may be in a minority here, but chocolate generally just turns me off... and cake makes it that much worse! So, while your instructable is well written and looks great (thumbs up for that!), you shouldn't use wrong opinions in titles.... because clearly my opinion is the most important, and the best cake known to man will have no chocolate within miles of it. ;)

anres321 (author)2010-07-15


SeaLion (author)2009-11-22 whole box of powdered sugar? Isn't that a lot of sugar for a cake?

Smaj (author)SeaLion2009-11-23

i could use with a translation, powdered sugar is iceing sugar? or have i somehow missed powered sugar?

SeaLion (author)Smaj2009-11-23

I always thought that icing sugar is simply very fine sugar...but that could just be me...

komecake (author)SeaLion2010-03-09

  It's powdered sugar.

socca_grl101 (author)2010-02-23

oh myy god! lol i tried this recipe for the Gooey Chocolate Cake aka best cake known to man, and my WHOLE family loved it! including me! :D yuu done guud hehe keep posting morr recipes!!!

mmcpherson4 (author)2010-01-10

i put mine in a pan WAYY to small and deep and came out terrible :l .. lol

refriedtoad (author)2009-12-15

 My Dear..... Martha Stewart "snitched" most of her recipes...One reviewer once wrote a review of one of her cookbooks in which he stated : "Great recipes, unfortunately I've seen them before....And where do you think Paula gets her recipes...maybe from your neighbor :)  
Thanks for posting and keep em coming !!!

kid cudi (author)2009-12-08

this is the reason why there are fat people on earth i have to try this, i wonder would this be good for christmas give me your opinion this or chistmas cake

Khol (author)2008-04-17

Oh shoot, Paula Dean has this recipe too? I suppose it's not that secret anymore, but I still hope y'all enjoy it. I never thought of adding nuts, I'll have to try that myself soon. And yes, sorry for leaving out the weights of the butter and powdered sugar, but Laura Rebecca is correct. One stick is 4 oz. and a box of powdered sugar is 16 oz. And finally, thank you all for the kind words! :D

dunnos (author)Khol2008-04-22

what is 1 oz??

Khol (author)dunnos2008-04-22

1 oz = 1 ounce = 28.35 grams

red-king (author)Khol2009-10-19

 metric confuses me... i hate having to convert measurements...

DavidRobertson (author)red-king2009-11-22

 Metric is confusing!?!?!?! It makes more sense than imperial.

red-king (author)DavidRobertson2009-11-26

 not really. increasing exponentially (by tens in this case) doesn't make something easier, just different. I'm used to imperial, and use it over metric usually...

nightninja87 (author)dunnos2008-10-14

1 oz is 2 tbls

hammer9876 (author)Khol2009-11-22

As for the weights, would you please edit the original instructable with this information? When I first saw the "whole box of powdered sugar" I thought that I would have to email you to ask exactly which size. Even the "1 chocolate cake mix" can be very widely misinterpreted. Can you give specifics for that? 

I have a recipe from my grandmother that my mother had to annotate. Grandmother called for "a package" of something that was 10 ounces originally (according to Mom,) was 8 ounces in the 60s and 70s and comes in 6 ounces and 12 ounces now. Please, please be very specific in recipes!

chriskarr (author)Khol2008-10-10

Is the powdered sugar supposed to be regular powdered sugar (the kind with the corn starch in it) or confectioner's sugar?

nightninja87 (author)chriskarr2008-10-14

confectioners and powderd are the same

thepumpkinking (author)Khol2008-04-21

I have some neighbors who make a recipe almost exact to this (i dont know the recipe but ive tried the cake and it looks just the same as yours)

He11uvaCook (author)2009-11-25

This is a working link to Paula Deen's version of this recipe (as of 11/25/09), for those of you who might want to check it out.

BTW, very nice job on the instructable!


and-reas (author)2009-11-09

oh my god it looks so tasty x3

Feral_Messiah (author)2009-07-14

Looks delicious :). How much is 'one box'?

cclark13 (author)2009-06-28

does it taste like cheese cake

dagenius (author)2009-06-13

isn't this basically big brownies with more pezaz?

goodthief (author)2009-02-11

cool the result picture looked gourmet. i think ill make that for dinner parties

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