The BEST Cake Known to Man (Gooey Chocolate Cake)


Step 2: Pat-pat-pat it all down

Picture of Pat-pat-pat it all down
Now that you have been a star at working those hands into mixing the base of the cake together you gotta pat it all into a pan.
Lightly grease a 13x9 inch pan and dump the base mixture into it.
Get those hands ready again and work on trying to evenly spreading the cake base to the pan. It’s okay if you initially doubt the ability for the cake to actually fit the whole length and width of the pan; it'll prove you wrong soon enough.

Don't give up, it'll fit nicely. Just gently edge the mixture from the center of the pan outwards into the corners.
And make sure that you have no holes and that it's as even as possible.
mmcpherson45 years ago
i put mine in a pan WAYY to small and deep and came out terrible :l .. lol