The BEST chocolate cake ever...that happens to be VEGAN. I kid you not!

Picture of The BEST chocolate cake ever...that happens to be VEGAN.  I kid you not!
First off, I will admit, I have never been a cake person. For the first 20 years of my life (I'm 26 now), I rarely touched my birthday cake. I'm not sure if my palate didn't like boxed/store-bought cakes or what, but only when I started baking them myself did I begin to take a liking to the moist airy treat. Also, I am an omnivore, with a lot of vegetarian and vegan friends, so imagine my excitement when I perfected the best chocolate cake I have ever tasted, AND made it vegan in the process. Don't believe me? Bake it! You can thank me later. :)

Step 1: Ingredients

Cake Ingredients

1 1/4 cups flour
1 cup sugar
1/3 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp salt
1 cup warm water
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/3 cup vegetable oil
1 tsp distilled white or apple cider vinegar

Chocolate Glaze

1/2 cup sugar
4 tbsp margarine
2 tbsp soy milk
2 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder
2 tsp vanilla extract

Note: if you don't care to make it vegan, or don't have soy milk or margarine, you can use butter in place of the margarine, and whatever milk you prefer in place of the soy.
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MichelleI17 months ago

I've made this recipe on numerous occasions and it always gets rave reviews! It is the most moist chocolate cake I have ever had. I've also used this recipe as a base for vanilla cupcakes by swapping out the cocoa powder for more flour and upping the vanilla to 1 tbsp - the only vanilla cupcakes I have ever made that have not over risen in the oven. Such a great recipe!! The below picture is a double batch made in 2 9 inch pans topped with chocolate "butter"cream :)

chocolate cake.jpg

I've tried this recipe with the vanilla version like you mentioned, but the cake had a strong awful taste of baking soda. I followed the recipe as is. Please let me know how can I substitute baking powder for baking soda in this recipe. I see so many positive comments and really don't know why my cake did not turn good. Really want to give it a try again.

Please suggest

hi always mix baking soda with a tsp of milk vegan it dilutes the powder and stops bad taste

you probably added a TBSP instead of a tsp of baking soda.

oh my that looks amazing Michelle. do you have a cake decorating tool to make those swirleys?

Crikey, that looks beautiful!! You put my broken, square-shaped cake to shame. It still tasted wonderful, though ;)

beckygreville made it!21 hours ago
Put it with soya ice cream and Oreos
beckygreville21 hours ago
THIS IS THE BEST CAKE RECIPE EVER! It's even better it's vegan! I used baking powder instead of of baking soda and cider, works a treat!
Does anyone know any other cake recipes like this one? Like different flavours to chocolate?
AllisonC815 days ago

i love this cake!!! We had a severe egg and dairy allergy so i have made this often...just found out we can hve egg and dairy as long as its baked or cooked into something. ...i will still be using this recipe! Its so tasty i don't even want to find another recipe. I give this recipe, as is, an A +++++...i just use a different frosting :) thank you! ! ! ! !

RebbeccaH17 days ago

Hi there!
I have made this cake many times and with added extras like bananas and used diff milks etc. It turns out amazing every time so THANK YOU for this recipe! I can't eat eggs and this eggless cake recipe is great :)

QUESTION for anyone though... has anyone tried this recipe using gluten free flour? I want to make this for a friend who is gluten intolerant and wanted to see if anyone has tried it and has any tips? Thank you! ^_^

Good easy simple to learn thank you


T0BY21 days ago
Looks delicious!
cherry.austin made it!7 months ago

For fellow Brits: "Baking powder" is what we call baking SODA. If you use our baking powder, you don't need the vinegar. Self-raising flour doesn't need either additive. Here's my bread-machine cake, with injuries from the wire rack. I stuck it all back together with frosting ;)

2015-01-12 18.23.25.jpg2015-01-12 19.07.13.jpg

Hi, I just wanted to say that actually what here in America is called "baking powder" is also called "baking powder" in the UK, but what Americans call "baking soda" Brits call "bicarbonate of soda". You can find both in the baking aisle at Sainsburys or any other supermarket. I always get the yellow Dr. Oetker brand and the baking powder comes with a red lid and the bicarbonate of soda comes with a blue lid. I hope this helps :). Also have to say that I have had only amazing results with this cake and as a vegan am in love with this recipe!


Really nice info.

Also a brit here! I'm still a wee bit confused, do I use Baking Powder or Bicarbonate of Soda in this cake?

And do I still use the vinegar?

I don't wanna attempt this and make it wrong first time :(

Thank you!

British friends - I'm part Canadian, part American ;-) .Baking powder, *no* vinegar. Or Bicarbonate of Soda *plus* vinegar. To me the results are the same. The great thing about this recipe is it's a small cake and if you make it wrong the first time, how bad can it be? Someone will eat it, and you won't have wasted much.

bicarbonate of soda with vinegar.

Thanks for clearing that up :)

SaranyaK made it!1 month ago
Awesomest cake i made. Followed the recipe exactly... Im happy it's vegan... However I ruined the glaze but will make it another time
Tash011 month ago
I baked this last night and used a different frosting and was so surprised at how simple and quick this took shape :).
Just a quick question - is the batter consistency quite thick before baking? I used exact qtys as the recipe called for but halved the sugar.
Thank you!!
MelaniiL made it!1 month ago

I love this recipe so much! I got 15 little cupcakes out of one batch of batter! This cake is beyond great!

Photo on 2015-07-16 at 22.37 #2.jpg
LadyFrances1 month ago

I've only been vegan for a few months. I made this chocolate cake and it was the best chocolate cake I have eaten. The only thing I changed was I used applesauce instead of oil. It was yummy!

Jinkal971 month ago

Hi, so all this baking powder and soda stuff confused me lol. So I live in America, what should I use? Baking power or soda? and which one will I have to use vinegar for?

DanBrazil2 months ago

This has to be the easiest recipe for chocolate cake ever. I've made it dozens of times and it always comes out perfect - previous recipes had a tendency to rise and then fall and end up more like brownies.
It even works well in the microwave - 6 minutes on high and its ready.
It's delicious - so good I just use this, not just for my my vegan son, but for everyone.
Thanks for sharing.

HeatherS7 made it!2 months ago
HUGE HIT with my customer! You would never know this cake is vegan either! So moist and delish! I did use a different vegan ganace frosting though. Thanks so much for sharing i will definitely use this in the future! I may even use it regularly since the ingredients are much cheaper than traditional! :)
HeatherS72 months ago
I love this recipe! You would never know the cake is vegan! The only thing i didnt like is i felt like the frosting had a weird after taste. Did anyone else experience this? I used earth balance margarine but walmart brand soy milk. Could that be the issue? I'm going to try a different vegan frosting recipe and add flavoring to it (mint) has anyone else tried that? I've never added flavoring to my cakes yet, but mint chocolate sounds amazing for this :)
thanks for sharing your recipe!!
TraceyT12 months ago

Followed just about everything...whole wheat flour, earth balance vegan buttery sticks, coconut oil and greased pan with it as well. Very happy with the results...so easy!

SueL52 months ago

Another note for people in the UK: what we think of as margaine in this country (e.g. Stork) is not vegan, it is made with milk. You will need to use a 'spread' that says it is vegan e.g. Vitalite. I know most vegans will know this already, but just a heads up for a non-vegan who is baking for a vegan :)

eclarke43 months ago

yummiest cake ever!!

Do you think oat flour could be used?

@mothersson2002, I made the recipe using only oat flour in place of wheat flour and it looks pretty good. I found this recipe over a year ago and have made it every cake-related occasion since using a combination of whole wheat and oat flour, but this is the first time I've used 100% oat flour. Reports are that it's tasty. I can't eat chocolate so I have to get reviews from people who eat it, but they eat it, and that's a good review I guess. ;-)

I use baking powder, not soda, and it's fluffy. I also live at 5500' altitude and increase the oven temp to 360. This is how it looks before frosting or glaze, which is similar to the wheat flour one, but darker:

TDTT3 months ago

Delicious! Even my non-vegan husband loved it, now I have the perfect recipe to give to my mom so she can bake my birthday cake!!!...As others have stated my cake had trouble coming out of the pan as well so it didn't look great but tasted good, next time I will grease it better

HeatherS73 months ago
I'm trying to find a good vegan cake recipe for a customer. I make fondant cakes on the side part time and I've never done vegan. My only question here is the glaze. It appears to be a lot like ganache which is what works best for me under fondant. Has anyone used this glaze under fondant before?
BlancaV3 months ago
I make this cake at every opportunity possible! It's fluffy enough, super moist, and the glaze is decadent. Because I don't want to eat that much sugar, I do reduce the amount it asks for. Usually by half, and it come out just as good.

Made this today and it tastes pretty good. Not as fluffy as I'd hoped but very moist. Chocolate flavor is mild, not overwhelming. Need to THOROUGHLY grease the pan through, I had to take mine out in 2 pieces. I had trouble with the glaze not setting - it pooled around the edge and stayed gooey. Hopefully it will finish setting in the fridge. Any suggestions?

EssyReads5 months ago

I don't understand what I did wrong!? I followed the instructions and used all the right ingredients that was listed and my cake tasted so bad. Please help if you possible know what I did wrong.

make sure you used baking soda not baking powder. too much vinegar could also make it taste bad.

PriyankaC15 months ago

Hey I tried making this cake with all ingredients halved (a small cake). The cake had a strong awful taste of baking soda. I see so many positive comments and really don't know what went wrong. I surely had halved baking soda too. Please suggest how to replace baking soda with baking powder in this recipe

you most likely added a TBSP of baking soda instead of a tsp.

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