WurdBendur7 years ago
I think you mean a "sheet" of paper. :)
Really?? wow!!! ""We have a "be nice" comment policy. Please be positive and constructive with your comments """
Yeah, I'd refuse to play any game where the very rules require you to cheat. Although, that might be an interesting concept - a game with a long list of rules that you are expected to break...
I guess you haven't heard of Nomic.
zupperzipper (author)  snoyes7 years ago
Oops you are right... Sorry for the bad English! (I am from Belgium)
instructors6 years ago
"There are 10 types of people in this world, those who know binary, and those who dont " -ThinkGeek.com nice intructable, like the idea of applying binary, to games:) Maybe there should be a language of binary and HEX.....
Woof! I've heard of that before...
zupperzipper (author)  instructors6 years ago
W00T ! ThinkGeek Rules... The only negative thing about it is that I can't buy stuff from it because i live in belgium (and my mother wont let me pay over the internet using VISA :( )
Kiteman7 years ago
That's an interesting tool for teaching binary...
that was my first thought too...
Are you a teacher Kiteman? ZZZZ
HOWITZER6 years ago
ja, nice job,to easy,its fun.
What are the two random objects for? *confused*
zupperzipper (author)  aliceownsj007 years ago
The objects are the things you move during the game. (I think in English they are called "the pawns") P.S. Sorry for the bad English!!!
Pawns are the front line in a game of chess. I'd probably call these objects "counters" or "pieces" - as in "Your piece moves 3 on that turn" Nice little game for when travelling or whatever. You could use the squares on a bit of carpet, or even scribble on a page of square paper.
zupperzipper (author)  _soapy_7 years ago
Oh, thanks for making the correction! I've learned something new today! :-)
supersith227 years ago
Thank you for making this instructable, because i would never have gone out and learned binary without a reason. the game was fun too. my piece of candy always beats my game boy cartridge. =) very nice ible
zupperzipper (author)  supersith227 years ago
csf01377 years ago
the game of the nerd-goose
chadsly7 years ago
Sounds like fun. So, do you only throw coin at a time? Otherwise, I'd always claim the 1s to be most significant and the 0s to be least significant.
PKM chadsly7 years ago
I'd use three denominations of coins, so the 10 is the MSB, the 5 the middle and the 1 the LSB. Or throw one at a time, either way.
zupperzipper (author)  PKM7 years ago
You can do that. But I always throw them 1 at a time...