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Introduction: The B.K.P

This is a great  pistol that is very comfortable to hold and has a good balance.. I borrowed the Dunkis's  handle and trigger because the both just fitted what i wanted the gun to look like better than any of my handle's/ trigger's.

Sorry about the slightly grainy pics. I had to use my old camera.( it was one of the first digital cameras on the market : 0. )

-7 Shot oodammo mag
-45' range flat.
-Possibly over 100" range at 45 degree angle. ( when i shot it inside it was still going up when it hit the end of my basement, 45' when i shot it at a 20 degree angle. )
-Good power, gives a huge welt!
-Can be modded to use a turret easily.

-Good range
-Good Mag size (for a sidearm)
- New style
- Reliable
-Mag doesn't jam

-Small mag size ( for a main weapon)
-Mag sometimes fly's of on last shot if you don't cut the rod a little bit

That's about it. Just start building.

Step 1: What You Need to Make.

Just look at the picture and build what you see. If you cant build the pieces from that then you will see closeups farther on.

Step 2: Making the Handle.

Again Just Build what you see.

Step 3: Puting It All Together.

The last two pics are of a gun that i have just built if anyone wants me to post it just say and i will. It has about a 40 foot range flat and is VERY sturdy plus a great handle.



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Questions & Answers


dude, that the mags "jumps" off is a pro to me,
clip flies off, reload and raise hell

You should make the ram block further up the gun. Other than that, awesome!

 Nice gun! top loading oodammo?? WOW!!
5 stars!!!!

I have had this for a wile and have jsut never botherd to post it. I'l get around to it eventualy                V

 Sweet! i like it! the mag looks strong!

Thanks! the whole gun is very strong.

Nice gun! 4.0, but I don't think I would build it.

PS: I think the rubberband you put on the gun is a 62. They are a little tighter then the 64's, but just as thick.

 I have a pack that say 64# but I think they are 62# can you confirm, check my rubberband ball slideshow.

They are 62's, for sure.