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Introduction: The Backseat Buddy Travel Companion

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I have considered building a good travel kit for the car to make those long, summer car trips more enjoyable. I decided to make it battery powered so that it can be used on the beach, in your hotel, or in while fishing on a boat. I started with an old computer fan, and then went crazy, adding a whiteboard, a light, a radio, a cup-holder, and a pad of paper. The fan helps keep you cooler than the car air conditioning can, and will let you stay cool on the beach. The whiteboard is great for playing games in the car. And for anything that the whiteboard can't do that paper can, I added a pad of post-it notes. The radio I used has a built in speaker and a headphone jack, so you don't have to deal with annoying siblings or your parents' awful music. The light allows you to read in the car at night, pretty sweet huh? You know what the cup-holder is for, so don't make me explain that. If you have any questions, post it in comment form. I guess that's it, thanks for reading!



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    You could also buy one of those really cheap phone cases that aren't very good and attach it onto the backseat buddy.

    All it needs now is a carrying handle :)

    i have an idea add a slot for headphones so the people riding with you dont say turn the radio off on your long trips

    the radio I used had a headphone jack

    and what did you use for a case?

    you could add one of those cheep little electronic games you find in a drug store something like pong or battleship and build it into the "backseat buddie"

    I was thinking of that, and even had a game at home, but then it broke. Next time I see one I'll buy it and incorporate it! Thanks for the suggestion!