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The most amazing creation of all time! THE BACON BOWL! YES!

You can actually eat the bowl! Simply interlace the bacon strips in a frying pan and cook. What could be easier!

The finished example is filled with scrambled eggs and of course liberally sprinkled with ------ BACON BITS!


lemonie (author)2011-04-18

2 pictures does not an Instructable make - do you have any more words and pictures?


gsp777 (author)lemonie2011-04-18

Quite simple really.
1. Separate the bacon slices from the package
2. Using a non stick frying pan or skillet eight inches in diameter, lay the bacon strips on the pan. Weave the strips so that it looks like the first picture (before cooking)
3. Fry the bacon on medium heat until it is almost crispy (still flexible)
4. Carefully remove the bacon weave and place in a large bowl.
5. Using paper towels push the weave down into the bowl to shape it.
6. Let stand for a few minutes and your done.
7. Place your favorite food in the Bacon Bowl and enjoy!

lemonie (author)gsp7772011-04-18

I meant to put that in (edit) the instructable, you've put in for the competition, so make it the best that you can.


jrudisill9182 (author)lemonie2011-04-19

God that looks amazing!

jrudisill9182 (author)2011-04-19

I love the idea, but the instructable needs work :(

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