The Bad Jellybean Prank





Introduction: The Bad Jellybean Prank

This is one of the best pranks you can do to more than one person!

This is a great prank to pull at the office!

Step 1: Step 1: Gather Your Materials

First you need to gather a few materials.

1. A Large Bowl

2. Special Jellybeans (see next step)

3. An Office Or Family

4. Coworkers Or Family.

Step 2: Step 2: the Jellybeans

In the last step I said you need some special jellybeans.

Most of the time you can find them in regular stores.

The jellybeans need to look alike but be a different flavors.

(look at the picture)

They look the same but they are NOT the same.

There are lots of these kinds of jellybeans like...

Licorice And Skunk Spray, Or

Buttered Popcorn And Rotten Egg.

You kind of get the picture now right?

Step 3: Step 3: Go Ahead, Have a Handfull!

Now you need to put all the different flavors in your bowl and sit it out where everyone is most likely to pass.

Then wait for a victom to grab a handful!

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Have Fun!



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    wouldent these be called burrly bot's every flavor beans?

    I had some centipede taste gross

    Wow, I love it. Remind me to never accept any food from you though.

    my brother brought me a pack of those from his semester abroad in england. totally forgot about them by now, since I didn't want to eat them, and I never thought about giving them to others :D thank god my roommate has a sweet week is going to be fun ^_^

    Oh yeah, I have some of those. They're called Bean Boozled-

    I work in a jelly belly store, and I'll tell you from experience that there is no better thrill than tricking someone into eating a jellybean that tastes like canned dog food or vomit or skunk spray or jalapeño.

    ive tried those yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucccckkkkk