I found an old broken Bakelite phone that was going to be thrown out. The insides had already been attacked, but as it had come from the old BBC Ceefax room I thought it deserved to be saved and given a new life...

Step 1: Under the Bonnet

There wasn't much inside the phone apart from the moving dial and the lever switches. I originally thought about fitting a USB hub and wiring a Skype phone inside the handset, but then the phone wouldn't really get to be on display and it deserved to be. 
It's funny how ABS plastic morphs into bakelite, simply through being &quot;old&quot;... <br> <br>And that handset, used to be a rather valuable Neon indicator handset, now it's worthless, shame really.... :\
that looks like some serious DIY shelving for you light phone.
You're exactly right! And in a shameless plug for my next Instructable..... Here's how I made them: https://www.instructables.com/id/Kee-Klamp-Shelving/
I love this
I think that looks great ! <br> <br>I'm in the process of restoring an old valve radio from the 40's and think this would really look great next to it ! <br> <br>Will have to scrounge Ebay for a bakelight phone !
It would indeed! I would be more than happy to to accept it as a gift! :) Please post up a link once you've done it as I'd love to see it.
Very cool Andy Wharhol would be proud <br> <br>It's very retro

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