Picture of The BallBot1 Robot Project ...

I was teaching over 100 small children about robotics for National Robotics Week last year at the Oceanside Boys & Girls Club;

Then from watching the children really learning I realized that I could build them a little robot to play with;


Step 1: The BallBot1 Robot is born ...

Picture of The BallBot1 Robot is born ...
After I saw that the children loved my little CanBot1 robot and they wanted to take one home ... but I couldn't sell them because it was a bunch of loose parts so I began exploring how to make the CanBot1 into a product using SolidWorks for 3D Modeling & Designing;

The BallBot1 was born;  
you have a great series of tutorials and books for solidworks and this is one of the reason that I add your blog in this article