Picture of The Bare Woodworking Essentials
Just starting out? Then let Ben Plewes and Andy King help you build a woodworking tool kit that'll suit your needs and your pocket.

With so many tools to choose from, getting started in woodwork can be confusing. There’s so much to take in – what should you spend your time learning first, what tools do you need and why? How much do you need to spend?

With the exception of the battery drill, the kit we’ve assembled here consists of hand tools. There’s nothing wrong with using power tools and machinery, but if you take the time to master your hand tools first you’ll be thankful you did. If you start with power tools the temptation is often to stick with them, as they don’t require the same learning curve as hand tools. However, in many cases hand tools allow you to do a better job, so it’s best to put the time in now and invest in your woodworking future. Practicing with hand tools is all about developing your hand-eye coordination. Cutting square with a saw or paring to a line with a chisel involve skills that are developed over time and through experience.

Remember, too, that this is a ‘starter’ kit. As your woodworking progresses, you’ll add more tools to suit your needs.
jscanlan9 months ago

Scrapers are excellent for prepping the sanding stage of finishing. Inexpensive and effective.

pfred21 year ago
For hand saws I'm kind of partial to the Japanese style ones. They're relatively easy to get today for cheap, unlike decent western saws. Decent western saws are neither cheap, or common anymore.
rvt19851 year ago
This is really helpful, thank you!
MyHobbyStore (author)  rvt19851 year ago
Pleasure was mine!