Step 6: Floor Slab Installation.

A 4inch concrete floor slab with sub-insulation and damp proof membrane.
<p>You do a mean impression of being a builder considering you're not one. Nicely done.</p>
awesome. what's up with that chair and the wiring?
Great job on the DIY project. Especially the roof repair. I have noticed many <br><a href="http://www.keepingyoudryroofing.com/roofing-information" rel="nofollow">orlando roof repair</a> companies have taken a similar approach in the past. That is why it pays to do your homework when finding a good roofing company in your area. <br>
A very big project that I hope to undertake myself one day. Nice work.
Thanks, NHKL. Get On With It:-)
Nice job! Birds' mouth cuts. Yeah. One of the mysteries of the universe. Great door, too!

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