The Basement Workshop/Relaxation Room





Introduction: The Basement Workshop/Relaxation Room

This is my basement workshop that usually has 2 or 3 projects going at once (OK maybe 10 to 12 but who's counting). Most of my power tools were salvaged and either repaired or completely rebuilt. As you can tell from the pictures my interests are across the board. I am also very lucky to have a comfortable room attached to the workshop for relaxation. My best thinking and planning is done in there with my assistant Hardy the dog.



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Very nice. I have been working on my basement for the last three years, and I am almost at completion (a basement is never really complete). like yours, i've combined both workspace and relaxation space. 



What kind of junk art do you do? Can you post some pics?

Whoah, sweeeeet! You have sooo many things, but they're all arranged really nicely! Currently my mum's renting a place, but next year we're buying a nice place with a SHED.
So then I shall be able to compile all my things, and I hope I end up with a place liked yours!

Yeah, that would be nice for me too.. :-)

This is creepy, you end up saying something on most of my comments, oh well I'm not complaining.

Haha, okay, I will stop then...

What!?! No, don't do that, listening to a Plasmana's advice is like Confucius Says, but better!

...How is it that I end up saying strange things like that all the time without meaning to?

Not the best way to store motherboards but I guess it works :) Nice work shop