A start-to-finish guide to throwing a laid-back block party, based on advice from Arnold in Chicago

Step 1: Decide You Want to Throw a Block Party With Your Neighbors

Maybe you've just moved to your block, or maybe you've lived there for several years but still don't know most of your neighbors. Deciding to organize a party in the street with your neighbors is a great way to help create community on your block. Not only will you get to know the people who help you organize the party, but you'll get to know everyone who decides to attend.

Even a relatively laid-back block party needs planning. Arnold in Chicago helped organize a block party that 75 people on his block attended, free of charge. He suggests starting to plan your party about three months before you want to host it. He also recommends gathering the following, for maximum enjoyment at minimum cost:

-- a group of five to seven dedicated volunteers;
-- a city permit (necessary in some communities, and usually free; check with your local representative)
-- free food and soft drinks, provided by billing your party as a potluck
-- tables to hold the food and drinks;
-- a keg or two, and lots of ice;
-- some signage, for before and during the party;
-- ice cream, preferably donated from a local creamery or provided at a discount (Ice cream probably isn't necessary, but come on, who doesn't like ice cream?)

Don't forget you can promote your party for free on http://partydraw.com<br><br>It&rsquo;s a pretty cool website that allows you to post your party on a map, and it automatically alerts all of your facebook friends with the party's info-right on their wall.<br>
I'm glad you liked the Instructable, Vertigo. In response to your concern, that's why you need to get a block party permit. Permits come with No Parking signs, and people who are parked on the block find a different place to park for the day. They can still drive -- they just need to walk to the next block over to get in their cars. Plus, your street is a place to go, and having a block party helps people see their block as more than a place to park their cars.
Dude this is pretty sweet, and I would totally do this if only for one thing- People need to go places , so our street usually has at least 2 cars passing around, and if I did it it would block up the street or more simply, the street would be blocked and no one would be able to get out.

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