Today, I watched one of those TV shows that depicts accidents and the way the first responders render help. It is always important to be timely when someone has a critical health condition. It has also been said that hundreds of people die before emergency help arrives, despite the fact that there always are crowds of people around the  accidents. It is ridiculous that no one is able to help these people until emergency help arrives and saves their life.  I have decided to try to remember things I learned from the medical course I took at school as well as using information found on the Internet involving the essentials of CNA training. If we need to help a person who is dying before the emergency help can arrive, we can try the basic scheme of resuscitation that is used for people in a state of apparent death.

The ABC Scheme of Resuscitation

The basic means of resuscitation involve three main stages, also known as ABC.
- During stage one, it is necessary to free the airway (A) from anything that prevents breathing;
- During stage two, it is necessary to start artificial breathing (B);
- During stage three, it is necessary to start the indirect heart massage to renew the circulation (C).

Step 1: Freeing Airways

Before taking any action, the person who conducts resuscitation should examine the mouth and nose of the patient. These could be clogged with vomit that needs to be removed. The airway could also be blocked by the tongue falling back and blocking it. It is necessary to pull the tongue out with the help of a clean cloth or paper towel. Another way to remove the tongue from the airway is by putting one hand under the neck of the patient and the other hand on the patient’s forehead and throwing the head back.

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