Ok, so I've been badgered and taunted about this project for quiet some time.  Finally, I decided to take the plunge and modify the ceiling fan in my living room into a Bat Fan.

The main photo is of said bat-fan, a humorous Demotivational style poster.  You can actually buy the "bat / dragon wing" fan blades here.  But, like any decent DIY'er worth his salt, I decided to make my own.  SO, on with the show!
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Step 1: Formulating a Bat-Plan ....

First off, after receiving the motivating photo, we need to take an assessment of what we have and what we need.  Along with this will be the monumental task of choosing a style for your bat wings.

Ok, first things needed is a ceiling fan.  Just so happens I have a five bladed one in my living room.  It's white with brass accents.  The only problem that I see right now is what the Hades am I going to do with the light assembly.  I suppose that will be an extra challenge for this project.

I've included an evolution of the bat symbol (per the Fair Use Act, of course).  While this one doesn't have all the different symbols used over the years, it is one of the better ones.  This is what will be helping us design the new fan blades, ... er ... wings, that is.
ngibilisco1 year ago
this would fit right in my buddies batman dining room
Lord_Pruitt (author)  ngibilisco1 year ago
Batman dining room? Photos???
Lord_Pruitt (author) 1 year ago
Updated with the latest cosmetic changes
nananananananananana bat-fan!
Same bat time, same bat ceiling-fan!
Paint the gold portions of the fan yellow and the white portions gray.

If you ever do this to another fan give it the black paint job with a red pinstripe.

Holy Azure Turbulence Batman!
That is such a sweet idea! You should put a picture of your fan first, it looks great :)