Introduction: The Beeper

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A little device that constantly beeps.

Step 1: Explenation

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If you turn the pointiometer (Variable Resistor) the beeping will go faster/slower.

Step 2: Materials

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1. 555 timer chip
2. 220r resistor
3. 50k variable resistor
4. 36uf capacitor
5. 5v piezo beeper
6. breadboard

Step 3: Hook Up

Picture of Hook Up

Now you just build the circuit from the (messy) diagram.

Step 4: Finish

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Now just power it and it should start beeping.


chrisjlionel (author)2015-07-17

cute red bread board. Where you get that?

Ploopy (author)chrisjlionel2015-07-19

I got it from a chinese service called taobao.

It's also on ebay for $3.44 each

chrisjlionel (author)Ploopy2015-07-20

Thanks for the info

Ploopy (author)chrisjlionel2015-07-22

You're Welcome

audreyobscura (author)2014-01-21

Can you orient your circuit diagram so it isn't a mirrored flip of what you made? Thanks for sharing!

Ploopy (author)audreyobscura2014-01-21


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