The Bellulus Sniper Rifle: a Steampunk Prop Rifle


Introduction: The Bellulus Sniper Rifle: a Steampunk Prop Rifle

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After finishing the Angocoellum I was sort of out of projects (at least ones that I wanted to do). Then, this guy from my dojo asked if I was planning on attending a comic convention near us and my sister was instantly all for going to it so in the mad rush of costume planning we decided that a pair of steampunk assassins would be really fun. I already had my gun (the angocoellum) and only needed to make slight modifications to render it non functional (until the next free weekend after the con to restore it) to comply with the security guidelines so I was all set but she still needed a killer weapon to complete her costume and we set about designing and creating this.

Materials: it's made of old latches, screws, door parts, a shower curtain rod, some leftover wood from the Angocoellum project, electrical tape and a hefty supply of paints, gilding, stains, and polyurethane.

It's ridiculously long as she's going to play a more snipery role but for some reason she wanted a very short stock (to accentuate the length of the barrel would be my guess)

She sketched out the preliminaries while I whipped up some back story for our characters and then I critiqued it and toyed with it and we took turns messing with the design until she had something that she really liked.

Lol she only took 1-2 shop classes like . . .ever . . .so it was good fun getting her re-acquainted with the power tools that she avoids like the plague.

All in all this is a joint effort so she deserves as much credit as I do so let me know what you all think and I'll be sure to pass on the comments to her.

I'd say that the twisting on the handle was probably the most fun to do. Dremmel and files all the way!

Make sure to check out the image notes . . .they should be worth reading



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    the finished product is beautiful

    I'm sure you could without too much trouble . . the design would need to be altered to allow for the mechanics of course but I don;'t see why not

    the conversation between you two got me thinking about an old type of rifle I once shot. They're lever actions that have a cylinder like a revolver and the lever works the cylinder. Just thought the design would be up this alley and might lend some inspiration :)

    that'll probably be the Remington Rifle :)

    gorgeous old pieces I fired back in the 80's

    for anyone with a interest in this styling for Steam Punk,

    I think the one that you scroll down to on   'page ' 32 would be ideal.

    if not to much trouble can you draw up some idea for this kinda of sniper (oh ) by the way thanks a lot i am trying to go all western and i thought this would help ( cuz i am trying to get a revolver but then again thanks -David Glinski


    do you mean revolver (ie six shoooter) or bolt action rifle?

    well i am trying to get a six gun but the pic is what i got thanks for everything -David Glinski

    so I did a bit of research and it seems that (assuming you want functionality) you could buy a 280fps gas revolver (about $60) or even a 400fps one(just over $100) and use it to start. after that it would only be a matter of drilling out the bore of the revolver a tad to remove the original barrel, sliding a longer (tight bore?) barrel into it and setting that within a curtain rod with spacers to keep everything lined up. After all that's lined up and secured you could proceed to make a wooden stock for it using a similar method as in my Angocoellum Instructable, much the same as what we did for this slideshow. Obviously you'd need to alter it to accept the revolver instead of a spud gun and change it to fit the aesthetic you're going for. After that it's all paint and embellishments! I'm not in able to scan my drawings just yet (I'm at the university and busy pretty much all day) but I'll be more than happy to try and post a couple this weekend.

    I'm toying with the idea of executing this project myself (I mean, how cool would a revolver sniper be right?) sometime in the future. If/when I do I'll be sure to post an ible detailing the process. Of course you would get credit for the idea.

    thank you so much I want you to know that i really appreciate this and plz don't let this get in the way of your studies but when you have the chance i will try my best to do it too. thanks so much -David Glinski

    hey i just had an idea ... ok here it goes ... how about making a revolver sniper ( as we said) but make it so we can detach the stock and barrel!!! like in the movie "a few dallors more"... so what do you think... i just want you to know again that i really APPRECIATE this ... thanks... * i am soo excited*

    -David Glinski


    When you were talking about the next project I was thinking about this. When disassembled the pistol part fits in to the stock. The two dovetail together. Notice the hinges on the butt of the stock. That portion opens to receive the pistol. Your wood working skills should make something like this simple. Have fun with that.

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    god, old Broomhandle Mausers were UGLY. :) the toggling action is very nifty, but let's face facts, a pistol with a stock has the inaccuracy and lack of power of a pistol, the lessened maneuverability of an AR or sub-machine gun, and neither of the rates of fire, all in all, not a good thing to carry to battle. Nice to collect though.

    could you design a gun based off the german kar98 bolt action rifle, using a steampunk style. If you don't know what this gun is, google it.

    Thanks! Certainly will! the con is this weekend so they should be up soon . . .

    This is great! Its good to see someone bringing there own unique creativity to the scene. Too much steampunk stuff is samey. I think the only improvement i might make is on the handle, im not sure what.. the carving looks sweet, but it needs something to break up the wood.

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    Thanks! I'm glad it stands out Good idea . . .I think she's planning on addind some little gears and stuff to it