Step 6: Details

I used black electrical tape to wrap the top and bottom edges, just for looks. Then I put another layer of clear tape over the whole thing. Next, I used carefully folded clear tape to make a couple SLIDER LOOPS, which slide over The Belt, and secured with tape on the backside. The Belt goes around your waist, and thru the slide loops. I use a small square of clear tape to "buckle" it. The controller has a clip, which I clip to the pocket of my pants. 
Who was your supplier for the wires and controller?
<a href="http://www.elbestbuy.com/5channelchaser.html" rel="nofollow">http://www.elbestbuy.com/5channelchaser.html</a>
Thank you.
I never knew what EL wire was before!But with seeing this ible I immidietely went to ebay and bought some!!!<br>Thanks for sharing such an awsome instructable!<br>Have a look at my ibles as well and if u liked em vote for em!<br>I am following you and awaiting for more cool ibles from you!
Thanks so much for the comment! I thought this was the coolest thing I ever assembled, and that people would go nuts over it, but you are the first person who said they liked it, other than EVERYONE who sees it in person. I guess the pics don't do it justice, especially when it's pattern flashing. Thanks again for the encouragement!
Yr welcome!

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