The Berry Love : No-Bake Dessert for This Valentine's Day.




Introduction: The Berry Love : No-Bake Dessert for This Valentine's Day.

Step 1: Ingredients

Step 2: Place the Cream in a Bowl, Add the Honey to It and Whip It Nicely With the Help of a Fork.

Step 3: Take the Cookies in a Zip-lock Bag.

Step 4: Crush Them With the Help of a Rolling Pin.

Step 5: Cut the Strawberries Into Longitudinal Thin Slices Which Will Give Them a Heart Shape.

Step 6: Take a Transparent Long Cup and Place 3 Teaspoon of the Cookie Crumbs.

Step 7: Then Place the Strawberries in the Form of a Ring As Shown.

Step 8: Add About 5 Teaspoons of the Fresh Cream-honey Mixture.

Step 9: Then Place the Cookie Crumbs Till They Just Cover the Height of the Strawberries.

Step 10: Place Another Row of Strawberries.

Step 11: Repeat the Two Above Steps of Adding Cream-honey Mixture and Covering the Strawberries With Cookie Crumbs.

Step 12: Place the Raspberries on the Top.

Step 13: Chill It in the Refrigerator for an Hour. Sprinkle a Bit of Honey on Top of the Raspberries and Serve.

Step 14: The Love Potion Is Ready, One Is Enough for Two to Dig In, to Love and Make Love.



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