Step 3: Adding a Switch

Solder a short piece of wire to the positive lead of your LED set-up. Use heat-shrink to seal the deal. Now solder that wire to one of the leads on your switch. You might want to use heat shrink or electrical tape around the connection between the wire and the switch to ensure it doesn't touch the other lead of the switch.
Cool little flashlight! 5 stars!
it is very well, DIY? <br> <br>From http://www.torchled.net .
Thanks! Could you got for this in the Pocket-Sized, Green Tech, and Hurricane Lasers Contest?
Adam- Been there and done that;-)I voted for you in all the contests you entered... Good luck with your contest entries, and keep up the cool inventions!
Thanks! My next cool invention is a bike turn signal system... But I cant make it until my LEDs arrive from China. Haha, gotta love eBay ;)
I'm looking forward to that project!! <br />
i voted
you are welcome
um make those things evenly spaced and it will be better but ur is good
Yeah, looking back at it now it would've been much better if they were evenly spaced. I wired the LEDs with different spaces between them and I didn't think I would be able to move them around enough to get them evenly spaced.
its lright i rhink maby next time u make it it will be better good luck if u need any help with anything just ask
I'm just wondering how this project is &quot;green&quot;? Yeah, you're using an old Altoids tin which is kind of recycling (unless you bought the Altoids just for the tin and threw away the glorious mints). You're also using a 9V battery, which doesn't give out very much power for it's cost. You're going to be throwing away a lot of 9V batteries when using that flashlight. Why not use AA batteries instead and wire everything up in Parallel? You'd get a lot longer use out of them, have less waste, as well as save money.
It's &quot;green&quot; mainly because it uses LEDs. They use less power than the average bulb on the average flashlight. Also, the 9V battery isn't bad compared to the average flashlight that uses 3 D batteries and lasts about two good uses. And about the mints - I ate most of them and saved the rest in a different container.

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