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tpagels (author)2014-02-13

I'm sure this is good however this is NOT bourbon chicken. Bourbon chicken is a Cajun dish which involves a key ingredient of bourbon! Not soy sauce, not plum sauce, not anything Asian! Bad enough the bastardized dishes we call Chinese in this country do we really need to corrupt American dishes like this?

In Bob I Trust (author)tpagels2014-02-14

The ingredients may differ in each persons recipe but it's still called Bourbon Chicken. What bourbon is used in your recipe? Is it Makers Mark, Wild Turkey or Jim Beam? Which one is the only true bourbon to use?

tpagels (author)In Bob I Trust2014-02-14

Use whatever bourbon you wish but this recipe calls for no bourbon and is full of Asian ingredients. Bourbon chicken is made with bourbon. It's named both for this ingredient and for Bourbon St in New Orleans. NO bourbon means it's not bourbon chicken.

In Bob I Trust (author)tpagels2014-02-15

Thanks for your opinion.

scoochmaroo (author)2012-09-10

This would be great if the ingredients and instructions were written out as text, and the video just took us through the cooking process!

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